DIY Paper Dolls Craft

Post by Todder RoyaltyPaper Dolls CraftA little over a month ago, The Land of Nod and Toddler Royalty teamed up for a creative day of Paper Doll making fun! A fashion-inspired activity that you might end up enjoying more than your little ones do.  You can create so many different fun characters; from mermaids to superheroes to mini runway fashionistas. All you need is a small list of craft supplies, imagination and you’re ready to create.

Paper Dolls Craft

Paper Dolls Craft

Paper Doll Craft Supplies:

  • 8.5×11 card stock (try different colors for each character- blue mermaids, pink princesses, green super heroes)
  • ⅛” hole punch
  • Small brads, to put dolls together
  • Fabric glue
  • Markers, pencils, or crayons
  • Googly eyes
  • Yarn
  • Fabric (you can buy great fabric quarters individually or by the bundle at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Paper doll template (download it HERE)
  • Anything else you want to use to accessorize your character (buttons, flowers, bows, soccer balls, skateboards, etc.)

DIY Paper Dolls Instructions

  1. Start by printing out your paper doll template on card stock.
  2. Cut out all pieces and punch holes at the shoulders, hips, arms and legs.
  3. Place brads in holes to attach all paper doll parts. Using brads allows your paper dolls to have movement, which equals more fun for the kids.DIY Paper Dolls Craft
  4. Now it’s time to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. Take your fabric and cut out different clothing pieces. I know my girls like to look through my fashion magazines for inspiration and try to recreate the clothing shapes they see.
  5. Hole punch the fabric in the areas that the brads will go.
  6. Take the brads out of the doll before you glue.
  7. Glue your dolls where clothing will be placed and put clothing on. Once the glue is dry and clothing is in place, you can then place the brads back in their holes.DIY Paper Dolls Craft
  8. Cut your yarn and make any kind of fun and crazy hairstyle you want. Use different colors, adorn the hair with bows, pom poms, braids, etc.

  9. Take your googly eyes and glue them in place. Draw on your nose and mouth or use beads, pom poms or yarn for these as well!DIY Paper Dolls Craft DIY Paper Dolls Craft

  10. Wait for your dolls to dry and be prepared for hours of endless fun!

You can so create many different characters, put together a Paper Doll Runway Show (this is my girl’s favorite), a Paper Doll Theatre, Paper Doll Rock Concert. Not only does it challenge their imagination, it helps assist them in creating their own unique wardrobe style!

DIY Paper Dolls Craft

Photography: Olive And Honey Photography

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