DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art

Post by Colleen of Lemon Thistle

DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art

I’m such an advocate for children creating art – no matter how young. My kids started finger painting when they could sit up (I use a recipe that’s edible) and now that they’re officially toddlers, they’ve graduated to real paint. I love having their artwork in our home, but there’s two of them – and that would mean a lot of paintings on the wall. I was wanting to have some more art in our house when I thought of this idea and I’m so glad that I did.

This toddler finger painting geometric art is made by combining two finger paintings for a big impact. You need to get up close to even realize that it’s made by toddlers.

The first step is getting your toddlers, kids, or babies creating. I like to tape down my paper (this time I used poster boards) and put them in a seat they can’t get out of on their own (save the couches!). Since I wanted two distinct paintings, I gave them each different colors. This time I gave them some paint brushes and then showed them that they could also use their hands. They were really excited when we showed them they could use their hands so I would probably skip the brushes next time.

DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Painting DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Painting 1DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Painting 2  DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Painting 3

I use the tape that the poster boards are taped down with to hang them high on a wall to dry (anything to save the couches, I tell ya!). When they were dry, I used a craft knife on a cutting mat to cut the painted area into 5 cm strips (about 2.5”). I then, using my straight edge, cut my strips into triangles. I cut them on an angle 2.5 cm between the top and bottom lengthways, so my triangles were as tall as they were wide.

DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - CuttingDIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Cutting 2 DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Cutting 3

When my triangles were all cut, I took a piece of yardstick cut to 8×10 (the size of my photo frame) and played out the pieces in a geometric pattern, alternating the blue and purple designs. When it was all laid out, I took one piece at a time and adhered it to the paper with double sided tape.

DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Setting DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Finishing

I’m so happy with how it turned out! It adds such a fun pop of color to their bedroom, I’m already dreaming up what other patterns I could create! I’d love to hear if you do art with your children and any tips you might have!

DIY Toddler Finger Painting Geometric Art - Finished Piece

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