Party On: Easter Egg Hunt

Written by Becca of CAKE. | events + design

Meri Meri has created some Easter designs that are absolutely party perfect with Land of Nod’s style. So for this month’s Party On board, I’m incorporating them with green + orange accents to help you plan a very hip Easter Egg Hunt…

Party On: Easter Egg Hunt

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Color Palette: spring green // carrot // sky // cotton
Party Invitation: available here

Here are my 10 tips for hosting a Hip Easter Egg Hunt:

1.  Obviously, bunnies are a must. Pull together an eclectic collection like this bunny lamp and place them in unexpected spots.

2. This green campaign desk is my favorite piece of the season and would make an ideal buffet or treat table (I’m thinking make your own Benedict bar!). You can open the drawers a bit to hold all your plates and flatware.

3. Establish boundaries for the Easter egg hunt ahead of time and mark them off with pretty party garlands.

4. For the egg collection, try totes or shoppers in place of traditional Easter baskets – and reuse them all season long.

6. Reward the sharpest little eyes by hiding special surprise eggs in sneaky spots, or create a scavenger hunt and offer clues to finding them.

7. For an outdoor egg hunt, throw down blankets in the grass so that when kids are done hunting, they can get right down to the business of opening their eggs.

8. If you have mix of ages, let the younger ones hunt first.  Then set up a more challenging hunt for the older kids and designate the parent with the best voice (or accent!) to read classic bunny stories like the Beatrix Potter collection or the Velveteen Rabbit to the littles.

9. You know everyone is will want to capture their children in Easter attire- so hang a simple photo backdrop using a patterned sheet or curtain panel.

10. True, you don’t need to do favors after an egg hunt, but these Meri Meri Easter cookie cutters are kind of begging to be used.  So either bake up some fun cookies for dessert, or send one home with a few mini eggs in clear bags tied up with a bow. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

And if you need an invitation to coordinate, I happen to have just the thing in my Etsy shop.

The Party On series offers inspiration for family friendly parties, featuring items from The Land of Nod that can be incorporated into both your event and your home.

Becca Gorski lives in the SF Bay Area, is a working mother of two, and moonlights as an occasional designer / blogger / celebration maker. You can find her creative ideas on CAKE. | events + design, and her line of merry happy party printables on Etsy.



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