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Making Felt Balls with Kids


We have covered buying the roving and how to wet felt with kids – now let's make something!




To Prepare the Roving: Pull off layers of roving and roll it into a ball, pull off another layer of roving and wrap it in the opposite direction around your tiny object. Continue wrapping layers at 90 degrees angle to each other until you have an object about 2 inches in diameter.

If you are planning on making a lot of felt balls, prepare all of the roving first so the balls turn out about the same size.

To Prepare the Water: When I am felting on my own, I make my water as hot as possible. When I am felting with my girls, I make the water as warm as I think they are comfortable with. Mix in a generous squirt of dish liquid with the water. I have used many different varieties of dish soap from Dove to Meyers and Green Works and they all seem to work fine.


Getting Wet: Dunk the wrapped roving into the soapy water. Gently squeeze and shape into a ball. As the roving begins to shape into a ball, roll it between the palms of your hands. The roving will slowly begin to congeal and become smaller and harder. Repeat dunking, squeezing, rolling, and adding roving until you achieve your desired sized ball.


Rinse: Rinse in cold, clean water and let dry. Drying usually takes a day or two.


Read more here for other creative felt crafts with the kids. 

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A Sewing Kit for a Little Sewer


Every little sewer needs a pretty sewing kit.


To make your little sewer a kit, use an old biscuit/cookie tin and personalize it with a hand-drawn label.


Include a variety of supplies: embroidery hoops, needles, silks, and buttons.


The prettier the buttons, the better… include some personal buttons from your collection, and a few fancy new ones.


Pretty soon, your little sewer will love sewing as much as you do.

My girls and I really enjoy sewing together, perhaps our sewing projects for pre-schoolers will inspire you.

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Kira in The Land of Nod Catalog

Do you remember last July when Nola's name appeared on a banner in The Land of Nod catalog? We all rallied together to ask The Land of Nod to include Kira's name, and one of my very best friends even wrote a poem. Well, the January catalog is out and my sweet Kira was dancing for joy and singing a "I love Land of Nod" song when she saw her name in the catalog.


Kira says she wants the catalog page framed and hanging on her wall!


Just in case your kiddos want their name on a banner or in pretty letters for their room, The Land of Nod has a lovely selection of banners and letters that you can buy.

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How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies


How to make fortune cookies with no wire, no glue and only 3 romantic stitches…


1. Cut a 3" diameter round piece of felt

2. Fold the felt in half and pin. In like-colored thread (I used pink only so you can easily see my stitches), make 3 downward stitches from the middle of the fold. Finish off and cut thread.

3. Peel each side of the 'cookie' up and fold over the stitches. Manipulate the felt until you have the desired look.

4. Insert a special note to your love.


Perfect for Valentine's, weddings, New Years, birthdays and pretend Chinese meals. 

Also available in my Etsy shop.

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