DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Little Ones

Post by Michelle of Avery & Augustine

DIY Valentines Day Cards for Little KidsDIY Valentines Day Cards for Little Kids 2DIY Valentines Day Cards for Little Kids 3DIY Valentines Day Cards for Little Kids 4DIY Valentines Day Cards for Little Kids 5DIY Valentines Day Cards for Little Kids 6Today I’m sharing Nate’s DIY Valentine’s Day Cards .  He was super excited to make Valentine’s Day cards this year!

Nate started his Valentines by drawing on pieces of card stock with this set of double-sided Dieco markers.  I used a heart-shaped paper punch to make hearts, which we adhered to pieces of turquoise card stock (approximately 3.5”H x 2.75”W) using a tape runner (like this one).  I used a white gelly roll pen to write a simple message on each one.

These Valentine cards and little treats can be packaged in little envelopesglassine bags, cello bags or your favorite packaging.  I love how when we look back at these cards in the future, they’ll be a reminder of Nate as a three-year-old, in his current stage of scribbling, learning to draw and experimenting with markers.  Stay tuned for one more Valentine’s idea coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks to The Land of Nod for providing us with garlands and the elephant friend for our Valentine-crafting session!

You can see Michelle’s work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.

Valentine’s Day Mocktail

Post by Rebecca of Not-So-SAHM Valentine's Day MocktailI know that lots of people out there are over Valentine’s Day, and I get that we don’t need a holiday to tell people we love them. But I love to take a little extra time on this holiday to show my kiddos just how special we think they are. It can’t hurt, right?! And nothing says celebration more to my loves than a kiddie Valentine’s Day mocktail — they think instant party! So I came up with an easy, not too sweet, Valentine’s Heart Mocktail. It technically even has fruit in it (and those pretty pomegranate seeds rise up and down with the bubbles, making for an even more fun treat).

Valentine’s Day Mocktail


  • Seeds from 1 pomegranate
  • Heart-shaped ice cube tray
  • Sparkling apple juice
  • Pink sparkling sugar**


  1. Place pomegranate seeds in ice cube tray; fill with water and freeze overnight.
  2. Wet rim of glass and roll in pink sparkling sugar.
  3. Fill glass with pomegranate heart ice cubes.
  4. Pour sparkling apple juice over the top. Spread the love!
  5. **To make pink sparkling sugar, mix 1/4 cup sugar and a few drops of food coloring together. spread onto baking sheet and bake in a 180 F oven for 5-10 minutes.

Valentine's Day Mocktail 2Valentine's Day Mocktail 3Valentine's Day Mocktail 4

Rebecca is a mom to two young kiddos and, in her spare time (ha!), likes to pretend she’s a back-up dancer, craft cocktails, and run long distances. A relatively recent SAHM, she blogs family-friendly activities, DIYs and celebration fun at Not-So-SAHM.

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Inspiration

Post by Giulia Doyle, photographer and blogger at Audrey’s

Right now we are in the messy trenches of transforming our unfinished basement into extra living space and guest quarters. While the dust is flying and we can’t see over the stacks of drywall, Danielle, Creative Director at The Land of Nod, and I were brainstorming how this space could look like down the road. I had nautical intentions for the space and pinned beautiful beach side inspired interiors on Pinterest, with lots of nautical blue.


Danielle helped me add a little ‘oomph’ to my ideas by adding bits of modern and unexpected punches of color. In addition to shades of blue, black and white we also added some pink and mustard yellow/gold. We ended up with a Modern Nautical Glam Basement that I’m sure will transform the space into something comfortable, fun and relaxing.


The room is about 600 square feet and I already own most of the large furniture pieces, such as white storage closets, a large white sofa, white bed, white dresser and black and white striped rug. Our goal is to use all of the existing neutral elements and to tie the room together with a bunch of fun Land of Nod accessories – many of them just launched last week!

This is what we’re thinking:

Modern nautical glam mood boardWood Rock Lamp with Black Shade /Anchor Hook / Ahmaze Quilt / Swiss Dot Sheets / Wallpaper / Small Wood Cubby Shelf / Abstract / Ice Cream Art / Half Tone Basket / Sunburst Mirror / Geo Throw Pillow / Hello Pillow / Abstract Pillow / Patina Rug

So, along with a couple of planned DIYs and the amazing help from The Land of Nod, I think our Modern Nautical Glam Basement transformation will be a success. Stay tuned for a big reveal once we complete the whole project!

Giulia Doyle blogs at Audrey’s. She loves to share the sweet and savory, be it in the kitchen or travels. She juggles a family and a full-time job – they cook, travel and often paint a wall a new color.

Super Easy, Super Ball Art DIY

Post by Danielle Kurtz, Creative Director at The Land of Nod
Super Easy, Super Ball Art DIYI absolutely love this super ball art DIY for two reasons. First, if you can hammer a nail and place an order on amazon, then you can create this very playful art piece for your home, it’s truly that easy. Second, I love taking something ordinary and using it in mass in a way that creates something unexpected. When you first see this, it just looks like a graphic art piece, but upon further inspection, you realize it’s ordinary rubber super balls. I love the challenge of making something extraordinary out of the ordinary, plus it’s just silly, which I also love.Super Easy, Super Ball Art DIY 2So, here’s the how to for making this super ball art DIY:

  1. Measure the width of your space to determine how many of these CB2 Beaker Vases you’ll need.
  2. Using a straight edge, hammer in a small nail for each vase.
  3. Hang the vases.
  4. Fill with super balls. (We purchased our super balls on We recommend getting a variety pack, or maybe starting your own super ball collection, I’m sure you have a few floating around your house. Just be sure they’re small enough to fit. The vases are 1.5” diameter, so we bought 1.25” dia. super balls.)
  5. Voila! You have a playful art piece for your home, that’s sure to be quite the conversation starter.
Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet. Her current craft of choice is weaving tiny wall tapestries.

Cleaning Passports – Fun Take on Kids Cleaning Checklists

Post by Christina of Christina Williams Blog Kids Cleaning Checklists - Cleaning PassportsSo many day I find myself worked into a tizzy because I’m doing some of the same jobs over and over and over. Things that my kids could easily help out with if I took the time to show them how to do it; or encourage (yell at) them to help. Usually when my first request for help goes ignored, though, I take the easier road and just do the work myself. It’s usually just not a battle I want to fight for the day. But if I don’t teach my kids how to clean, who will?

Kids Cleaning Checklists - Cleaning Passports 1I came up with these cute little Cleaning Passports which take a fun spin on kids cleaning checklists. These will help motivate everyone (including me) to stay up on our cleaning tasks. The tutorial and free printable are over on my blog…so go grab them. Here’s how it works: Each kid has his/her own passport. The passports have a page for each room in the house. The kids earn a stamp for doing a chore in that particular room. Once everyone fills up their passports, we earn a trip to the zoo, a movie night, or some other fun family activity.  Kids Cleaning Checklists - Cleaning Passports 2I have a big list of chores (I started with this one) and added to it to fit our needs. The kids can choose jobs, or I assign them, depending on how it’s going. Sometimes I can’t think of age-appropriate chores for my kids, so having a list is quite helpful.

Kids Cleaning Checklists - Cleaning Passports 4I’ve also got some bonus pages for those overachievers out there. I think it might be a good way for my son to earn extra screen time. The best part is that you can completely customize the passports to suit your needs.

Kids Cleaning Checklists - Cleaning Passports 5I’ve also rounded up a few more ideas to make cleaning more fun for everyone:

  • Turn on the music. Even scrubbing toilets is kind of fun while you’re dancing.
  • Shoot Hoops: throw the blocks into the bin, shoot the socks in to the laundry basket, etc. Have a contest.
  • Wear costumes. A good dose of silliness goes a long way.
  • Turn it into a race.
  • Kids choice: have the kids assign the chores for the day.

Here are a few of my favorite kids’ cleaning activities from around the web.

So how do you get your kids motivated to help out around the house?

Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on self-named blog, Christina Williams.

Valentine’s Day Craft – Heart Necklace

Post by Michelle Sterling of Avery & Augustine

Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace 2Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace  3Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace 4Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace 5Valentine's Day Craft - Heart Necklace 6We always like to get a head start on our Valentines since we have many to make and pass out!  Our Valentine-crafting session was made festive with these sweet garlands and an adorable elephant friend.  This year, Avery and I collaborated and decided to make a Valentine’s Day craft of heart necklaces.

To make the necklaces, we used the thick edge of these great double-sided Djeco markers to make vertical lines on a strip of card stock, repeating the pattern from one edge of the card stock to the other.  I used a heart-shaped paper punch to cut out hearts, punched a hole at the top with this tool and strung some yarn through to complete the necklace.

These Valentine necklaces along with little treats can be packaged in glassine bags, cello bags or your favorite packaging.  They can also be given out on their own.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s Valentine ideas!  Dreaming up our Valentine’s cards and crafting them is one of our favorite times of the year. Happy Valentine-making!

Thanks to The Land of Nod for providing us with garlands and the elephant friend for our Valentine’s Day craft session!

You can see Michelle’s work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY

By Sara Polacek, Interiors & Event Design Manager

When we set out to transform a formal dining room into a playroom, we wanted to keep the overall layout of the dining room so the space could still be used for large family gatherings. This meant floating the play tables in the middle of the room. In a traditional dining room, you’d hang a chandelier above the table, but this room had plenty of other light, so we opted for something more playful. Also, since the room was mostly white, we wanted to add a colorful focal point to bring the look together.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIYWe won’t lie, this isn’t a DIY you can complete in one naptime, but with a few hours of work and a fraction of the cost of a chandelier, you’ll have a beautiful conversation piece for your home. If you don’t need a piece of this size, this DIY would also work well scaled down as a small mobile.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY Supply List:

  • (Approx. 70) 1/8”, 3/8” & 1/4” dowel rods, various lengths (12”, 18”, 24”)
  • (3) 50”x 1” diameter dowel rods (to make a 18”x46” frame)
  • Spray paint in various colors
  • 50 skeins of embroidery floss in various colors
  • 20lb & 60lb fishing line
  • Tacks
  • (2-4) Eye hooks for ceiling
  • Glue gun
  • Miter saw (could also use hand saw)
  • Wood glue
  • (4) 2” screws

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY 3Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY Directions:

Step 1. Wrap/paint dowel rods

  • Start by securing the embroidery floss with a dab of glue on the rod.
  • Tightly wrap the rod till you reach the end of the floss, secure with another dab of glue.
  • Add another color of floss and continue.
  • To spray paint: lean rods against a surface you don’t mind getting spray paint on or prop up rods in a piece of Styrofoam. Tape off the part you do not want to paint.
  • Let dry and wrap other half, or leave it natural.  We did a mix.

Step 2. Make frame.

  • Saw down dowel rods to be size needed to make frame (we made a 18”x46” frame).
  • Make a 45 degree cut at both ends of each dowel rod.
  • Predrill screw hole in both sides of corner before gluing corner together to hold.
  • Drill screw into corner to secure.

Step 3. Installation.

  • Secure two eye hooks into the ceiling, at the center of each side of the frame.
  • Use 60lb fishing line to hang.
  • Tie fishing line from each corner of frame to the eye hooks.
  • Once chandelier is hung, begin to add dowel rods.
  • For larger dowels, push a tack in the top of dowel.
  • Take 20lb fishing line and attach a strand to each tack.
  • Wrap and tie fishing line around frame, tightly. Hang at varying lengths for interest.
  • For thinner dowels, tie fishing line around top and leave two strands to use for tying around frame.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY 4Voila! You have a beautiful and playful focal point for your space. For more details about turning your dining room into a playroom and other helpful hints, check out our Design Workshop.

Our Design Services team offers free one-on-one design advice, mood boards and space planning. You have a room to decorate? They’d love to hear from you.

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Nod Notes – January

Post written by Rachel, our PR & Social Media guru

We’re wishing away the cold this month and focusing on Valentine’s Day. We love Shop Sweet Lulu’s idea for a Valentine’s crafternooncrafternoonHere’s a few more links that are inspiring us this month:

Shared Girls Room Refresh by Lay Baby Lay

Post by Joni of Lay Baby Lay
Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby LayI just finished up a refresh on my shared girls’ room. Vivi had been asking for pink walls, and since we have moved things around a few times trying to figure out the best arrangement as she grew, we had various scuffs and holes on the wall. Starting with a fresh coat of paint can be so, well, refreshing. It makes everything feel cleaner, brighter, and more organized (and who can’t appreciate that if you have toddlers?). We went with Sherwin Williams’ Angelic for the paint color, and I was excited to incorporate some Land of Nod kids bedding (as well as other adorableness!) for a happy, whimsical look.Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby Lay 2We are going to move Brigette into her big sister’s room when she transitions to a big girl/toddler bed, so I wanted bedding that coordinated without being too matchy. One of the things I adore about The Land of Nod bedding is that you can mix just about whatever combination you want, and it will look perfect together.
Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby Lay 5For Vivi’s twin bed, we used the save the day sheets (I love these! Girly and superhero at the same time!) and the beautiful well nested duvet cover. We added in a bonjour heart pillow and a geometric sun pillow for extra color and some extra cushion for reading.
Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby Lay 7On Brigette’s bed we used the gold dotted crib sheet and the well nested crib quilt. I love toddler sized beds – they are the cutest, and leave lots of room for playing! We added on that cute mint bonjour heart pillow and head in the clouds pillow along with a pom pom pillow (I love all the little poms!!) which makes her bed a nice little divan for reading or playing during the day.

Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby Lay 9I love having their room more thoughtfully pulled together! The pink is so happy and bright, and Vivi loves to make up her bed with her fun collection of pillows! Be sure to visit Lay Baby Lay to see more details from this room and how we incorporated more great pieces from the Land of Nod! (like the heart shelf, gold lamp, and neon nightstand shown above!)

Thanks so much to The Land of Nod for helping us make such a dreamy space for our girls!

Shared Girls Room Design Refresh by Lay Baby Lay 11
Lay Baby Lay started in 2011 shortly after the arrival of my first baby as a place to provide fresh and unique nursery inspiration with a little dose of motherhood experience. This site is my creative outlet and the place where I am able to express all the ideas running around in my head. It is my hope that you will also be inspired to create spaces for your little ones that are full of imagination, color, and delight and maybe find a little encouragement in this crazy but wonderful journey of having babies and watching them grow.