There’s a Unicorn on the Toilet…

A little voice called out from upstairs:

"There's a unicorn on the toilet!"

Of course my curiosity was tweaked enough to head up and check it out.

What I found was a naked little dude who started laughing his head off once he saw me and realized one of his fresh little four year old jokes worked on someone. 


(find this image by Sugarboo right now onHaute Look, I LOVE it!)

I love being a Mom, especially when I see little senses of humor developing in my boys. Today we had a great consult on parenting from a child psychologist and realized we aren't failing as miserably as we sometimes feel…our challenges are normal and all and all we've got it pretty easy around here with three healthy, happy kiddos. He also gave us some amazing tips on dealing with protests and sibling fighting that I can't wait to try out. 

Nights like this when everyone is singing silly songs, cracking jokes, gratefully gobbling up what I cooked for dinner, chatting about their days and my twelve year old breaks out in a jig wearing a fedora bring me back to being so grateful for having my life right now…even if it does mean cleaning up messy unicorn pees and flushing forgotten unicorn poops on a daily basis. 


Post by Kerry MacLeod :