Binky Bag

Is it baby/wedding shower season for your too? Our calendar is packed over here with showers and weddings (and I like it). 

A common phrase at my house is… "where is the binky?". So, I actually though about making something like this months ago for Clyde and his Binky Love (more of an obsession that I will regret later). We were invited to a diaper shower a few weeks ago and I always like to add something handmade. So I made a Binky Bag. 

It is so easy I can barely even call this a tutorial- but I will :) 

All you need is:

– a small piece of fabric (mine was 14" x 10")

– small piece of boning

-a ribbon

Basically all you do is create a pocket that is sewn on 3 sides and a 1" hem on the 4th side so you can insert your boning inside and your bag will always be open. There are a ton of ways to modify it, here are the bare bones of the Binky Bag.

1. My piece of fabric was 14"x10" and I folded it in half, right sides together, and stitched around 3 sides; leaving an entire side open

2. On the open side, serge around the top (or sew a hem)

3. With the bag still turned inside out, fold 1" down

4. Sew around the fold leaving an opening

5. (the opening)

6. This is the boning that you will insert into that opening

7. Flip the bag right side out and pin a ribbon to the top of the bag

8. Make sure to leave a gap (about 1") on the back of the bag so the ribbon doesn't touch

9. Sew the ribbon to the bag

Lastly, insert the boning into the opening and stitch it closed.

Make sure to leave the gap in the ribbon so you can tie it to the side of the crib or changing table.

No more "where is the binky?" Happy Mommie, Happy Baby.

Post by Taylor Urban :

  • Bernadette

    What a handy little pocket. I had to laugh when you said a common phrase for you is where is the binky. Same at our house. Maybe this will help keep track of them

  • Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets

    This is seriously brilliant. I’ve thought about making something like this to go on the crib… in the middle of the night it gets a bit frustrating to fumble around for a binky that was dropped! (We’ve never had a crib bumper so they fall between the slats.) Love it!

  • Shannon

    LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Jennifer Zegowitz

    This is great and my cousin just had a baby. I am going to make this for her, but one question. Where do you get the boning? Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicole

    I love this! I didn’t have boning and frankly wanted to finish the project tonight so I used a pipe cleaner and it worked fabulously! I also used smaller ribbon (all I had on hand) so I zigzagged the stitch.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Allicia Faber

    This would also be perfect for older kids (or parents) who wear glasses. No fumbling around in the morning trying to remember if you put them on the nightstand or the dresser!