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Caron Reeder

Your post has given me confidence! I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and oh boy, talk about toys! I've been meaning to do a heavy handed edit while they are sleeping but I keep worrying about whether I will throw out the wrong one and they would miss it terribly. I'm loving that your kids have never noticed. On a side note, those fun alphabet letters are such a cute idea.


Good post!
When my two boys were little, they used to have lot of toys, being the only babies in both families. The more they had, the more they got bored.
So one day when they were sleeping I did that same thing: toss away broken toys (those beyond repair, give unwanted ones to their school (not to their very same class), and keep away most of the items (out of sight and out of reach).
At the end they only had three or four for each child, different kind (car, doll, box of legos and/or something else).
If during a whole year they forgot about the other toys, I also gave them. If they asked for them we did an exchange.
I didn´t want them to be angry all their life, like some adults I know, for been taken their favourite book or toy, without asking.
They are now 23 and 24 and they only keep their legos!! :-)).


I just did this at our house. The system I have used is I divided all the toys into 5 catergories. Cars, Animals, Tools, Babies and blocks. (Everything else I wanted to keep went into a rainy day box.) Each group was put in a seperate box and only two are avalible at any time. This way they have to tidy up one mess before they can start another. It has been great and they have never asked for one of the toys I gave away (which there were heaps)

toy shops

Organized toys are much better to sort out. This also helps the kids be more mindful of their toys.

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Right you are! I must be blind or something. My bad! I updated it now so it has all the notes. Thanks for checking it!

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