In Flight Airplane Favors

Hello again from Becca of CAKE.

If you've ever been on a cross country flight with a wiggling, kicking, screaming baby… you're going to love me for this one.  As many of you know, I have a daughter who is turning one on Saturday {which is another story that involves a fab birthday party and the better part of my schedule this week}.  But the reason I bring it up is because last week we took her on vacation to the Carolinas to visit family and friends at the beach.  My husband and I were petrified of how she was going to handle the 5+ hour flight, and that sparked a brilliant idea.  Why not give the passengers around us a little something to… dare I say bribe them into submission?  So we bagged up some candy and I designed personalized labels and tied them into a sweet favor. 

Oh my were they a hit.  Everyone loved receiving them, and in return were incredibly gracious and helpful throughout the flight.  Consequently, Caitlin was charming as could be. Go figure, right.

I'm sure there are other parents who want in on this, so I modified the labels into a printable with both 'he' and 'she' versions.  You can download them HERE and check out the finished favors below.  Peaceful travels to one and all. 





Download 'they' version HERE.
Download 'he/she' versions HERE.
Post by Becca :
  • Destri

    This is brilliant! I have to fly with my two toddlers solo about every three months. I never quite know how they will be, sometimes they are angels, other times…not so much! Love love this!

  • Michelle Hall

    This is amazingly brilliant. I have never flown before, but even without children I could see this being a good way to get along with other passengers, making the flight more comfortable in general. What a great idea. Thank you!!