Mermaid Party

Psst. Are you aware that you may have a Mermaid living in your house? Contrary to popular wisdom, Mermaids can live anywhere their little hearts and tails desire, not just in the sea as some books and movies would have us believe. They can live in city apartments and suburban two stories, and everywhere in between. 

If you do suspect you’re sharing your home with a real live Mermaid, stay calm and immediately throw her a party! Mermaids are very social creatures and are naturally attracted to fun in the sun.


Now, a Mermaid party can be thrown anywhere, a beach is not mandatory. She’ll be just as pleased having it at the park down the street, in your backyard, or even in the living room if the weather refuses to cooperate. Just make sure to include these three things: Friends, Food and Fun.

Invite her closest Mermaid friends with these adorable “Come Make a Splash” party invites that are sure to get her guests excited from the get go.


Next, serve sand dollar cupcakes, a magical birthday cake (don’t worry – it’s not complicated) and sand bucket lunches which should include, what else, gold fish crackers.



And finally the fun! What Mermaid doesn’t like a water relay, a seashell dig and a flip flop hunt? Hint: All Mermaids love these games and can play them for hours.



This Mermaid party is shore to be a big hit, and one she’ll remember for years to come!


Post by Sara Westbrook & Brittany Egbert for One Charming Party :

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat :