Painting with Squirt Guns


We're always up for a good painting project at our house. The other day, while perusing the dollar spot at Target I scored a couple packages of squirt guns. Three for $1. How could I resist? Anyway, on the drive home I had an idea to use squirt guns for painting. There are a million different ways you can approach this project. So do whatever you're comfortable with, and have fun.

I simply taped a piece of kraft wrapping paper up on our fence. 

I thinned down some tempera paints with water, filled the squirt guns and we started making our masterpiece.


Here are a few helpful hints:

Wear old clothes. 

Have some paper towels handy for cleanup.

Put the kids in shoes you can hose off (crocs, jelly sandals…etc.)

Rather than cement, do the painting over grass. Even if you spill, the paint will disappear the next time you mow the lawn.


Baby Sister couldn't figure out the squirt guns, so I turned her loose with an old race car.        She dipped the wheels in paint and rolled it along the paper. She really loved participating in a 'big kid' art project.


The beauty of this project is you can just use stuff you have around the house. Butcher paper or cardboard boxes would make a great "canvas." Or if you want to make a game of it, make some targets out of paper plates and give points for hitting the target. If you're not thrilled about spraying paint, just use water and food coloring for more of a watercolor effect (and less mess).

Happy Painting!


Post by Christina Williams :

  • Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe

    Fabulous idea!

  • Max California

    This is so awesome. We tried it out this morning with spray bottles and the Little Monster had a blast!

  • christina

    Love the spray bottle idea!
    I’m thinking about doing a weekend project at night where we use glow-in-the-dark paint. I think that could be pretty awesome. And I think I’ll try the spray bottles next time. Thanks for sharing!!!