Repurposed Apron to Sundress

 Do you have an apron you no longer need? How about re-fashioning it to a child sized dress?
Supplies needed:
Tiered apron .
Sewing machine .
2" velcro .
Coordinating thread .
Scissors .
Buttons x2.
To make your own:
1. Snip off ties of aprons. 
{Note: These will be your dress straps}
2. Stitch up the ends of the apron.
3. Measure where you want the straps to be and…
4. Pin into place.
5. Take a break to play with your model 2-yr old :)

6. Stitch the straps in place. 
{Note: We sewed our straps underneath the top layer of the apron and followed the stitching of the fabric to hide our stitching}
7. Snip off the excess apron ties.
8. Sew a 2" velcro strip on each flap of the back of the dress to secure it.  
9. Sew 2 buttons on the front.
Now just let your little dolly run wild in her new dress!
Post by Kelli and Kristi  :
  • clothing tags

    Fantastic job! Imagine how wonderful transformation you did to that apron. I never thought of that but you have a very bright idea on that dress. And look at that dress, you will never imagine that it came from an apron. It looks fashionable.

  • Theresa Eldridge

    Crazy cute!!!!!!!!!