Road Trip Bingo

1 During my most recent getaway with the kids, I remembered all the fun travel games my mom used to have for us in the car. I wish I would have designed this one before our trip, but I'm sure it will come in handy for all those road trips in our future. And hopefully it's not too late for you! Here's the free printable that you can add to your summer survival kit. I've got four different game boards, so everyone will have a little different variation. And in case you're wondering, the little blue vehicles are actual vehicles that the kids have to spot along the way.

All you have to do is print out enough copies for your family, make sure everyone's had their final potty stop, and hit the road.

A little hint: it's much easier to use pencils to cross off squares, rather than trying to keep bingo chips in place during a bouncy car ride.

Happy Travels!

Post by Christina Williams :

  • 2ndheartmom

    Also may be good with a magnetic backing and magnets! I am definitely going to print this out…although, my daughter may not be able to “get it” for a little while – she’s only 2 1/2! :) Thanks for posting though!

  • christina

    Great idea with the magnets! I might try that with my kids.
    Or, you could laminate it and use dry-erase markers.

  • Kim

    The printable is free but scribd charges for access unless you upload content. Any way we could just get the file?

  • Heather Ratliff

    I was excited about using this for vacation this summer, but since Scribd charges to be able to download it, I guess I’ll get road bingo elsewhere. :-(

  • stephanie

    not free? bummer.