Bubble Party

As parents we all have similar hopes for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy and reach their full, amazing potential. And on occasion, it sure would be nice if they could somehow get cleaner the messier they got. Well it’s possible with this great party idea that’s ‘POP’ular with kids of all ages.

Throw a Bubble Party! Bubble parties are great fun for kids, and any water activity is welcome on a hot summer day. And they’re convenient for parents because the main ingredient is sudsy water, so cleanup is a cinch.


Set up your bubble party like an installation at a science museum, with various stations offering activities for different ages of kids.

At one station, have items from around the house that kids can experiment making bubbles with. Try to find things like rubber bands, cookie cutters and spatulas with holes.


At another station, set up an egg beater race and watch as kids compete to see who can make the most foam. All you need are two buckets, two egg beaters, a bunch of bubble solution, and some young and energetic arms!



And the station with the most kids waiting their turn will no doubt be the Human Bubble station. With the help of a small plastic pool, a lot of bubble solution and a good ol’ hoola hoop, kids will be amazed and delighted as they get to stand inside of an actual bubble!


Post by Sara Westbrook & Brittany Egbert for One Charming Party : onecharmingparty.com

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat : www.nicolephoto.com

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    This is a fun activity to do with the kids. You can create it in different sizes.

  • angela

    How many batches of bubble solution did you make for this party?