Halloween Kids Craft — Painted Pumpkins

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Halloween Kids Craft — Painted Pumpkins Halloween Kids Craft — Painted Pumpkins 2

I realize most people don’t paint pumpkins, they carve pumpkins. But in order to carve a pumpkin you need a knife (or a similar sharp utensil) and I have three children small children. And Knives are dangerous (remember The Outsiders?). So, all things considered, one day I would love love love to carve pumpkins with my children. But that day hasn’t come yet. Kudos to you who are more brave.

If you want to take the easy route, however, painting pumpkins with your kids is really fun. My kids loved it.

We used 10 ct. 2 oz. Bottles – Assorted Color Washable Kid’s Paint, which worked pretty well, but does rub off once dry, so be careful.

Now we’re ready for Halloween. And fall! Good times.
Halloween Kids Craft — Painted Pumpkins 3Behold the finished product! I think the stripe of red really adds something special. :)

Post by Darcy of bedtimemonsters.blogspot.com

Bubble Party

As parents we all have similar hopes for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy and reach their full, amazing potential. And on occasion, it sure would be nice if they could somehow get cleaner the messier they got. Well it’s possible with this great party idea that’s ‘POP’ular with kids of all ages.

Throw a Bubble Party! Bubble parties are great fun for kids, and any water activity is welcome on a hot summer day. And they’re convenient for parents because the main ingredient is sudsy water, so cleanup is a cinch.


Set up your bubble party like an installation at a science museum, with various stations offering activities for different ages of kids.

At one station, have items from around the house that kids can experiment making bubbles with. Try to find things like rubber bands, cookie cutters and spatulas with holes.


At another station, set up an egg beater race and watch as kids compete to see who can make the most foam. All you need are two buckets, two egg beaters, a bunch of bubble solution, and some young and energetic arms!



And the station with the most kids waiting their turn will no doubt be the Human Bubble station. With the help of a small plastic pool, a lot of bubble solution and a good ol’ hoola hoop, kids will be amazed and delighted as they get to stand inside of an actual bubble!


Post by Sara Westbrook & Brittany Egbert for One Charming Party : onecharmingparty.com

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat : www.nicolephoto.com

How The Nursery Dresser Became A Bookshelf

You may remember way back in June when I told you how I found this awesome antique dresser with birch branch handles at the farmer’s market.  And how even though I already had a dresser for the nursery, I couldn’t resist picking up this second one – it was just too perfect of a fit.


The dresser drawers were a little funky at first, but with an easy $4 makeover project, they quickly became good as new!  The only problem that remained was space.  I had originally hoped to have a bookshelf in the room to store – what else? – BOOKS, and other small toys and things.  But with two dressers in the room, I knew there would be no additional floor space for another piece of furniture.

And then I stumbled across this on Oh Dee Doh


It was literally the perfect solution.  A dresser and a bookshelf all in one, and totally adorable if you ask me.  I made a note of exactly how the inspiration dresser was done, and planned to stop at my IKEA store the next time I headed down to south Seattle. 

A few weeks later, I had four Bekvam spice racks sitting in the nursery, just waiting to be magically turned into bookshelves.


The best part?  They each cost $3.99, and with no other supplies needed, our bookshelf project cost a whopping $16.  Awesome.


I did the shelf/spice rack assembling myself, and then enlisted some muscle for the logistics of actually hanging them so that they would be level and safe.  I’m pretty sure anything hung by me would end up being ripped straight off the shelf the first time Baby C tried to use them to pull himself up to standing.


Casey carefully calculated and measured to make sure that everything lined up evenly, fearing having to listen to me talk about the uneven bookshelves for the next ten years.


Meanwhile, the dogs tested out their new man cave, located under the crib.  Indy thought it was pretty exciting.


While Huey pretended to have no interest whatsoever.


Eventually, when he thought we weren’t looking, he climbed under too.


A few measurements and screws later, what were once spice racks became bookshelves filled with fabulous stories just waiting to be read.


I am already having so many goofy pregnant lady fantasies about sitting in the glider and reading bedtime stories to our little boy.  I wonder what his favorite book will be…


Can you believe that with only $16, our funky antique dresser became a gorgeous double-duty bookshelf?  The look is completed with our new gumball lamp from Land of Nod, and a few other important baby items.  (Apparently every baby needs a Sophie?)


It’s fun little touches like these that really make the nursery feel like a special place full of love.  I know every time I reach for a book now, I’ll think of Casey and I doing this simple project together.


All that’s left to do is hang the artwork on the wall above!  Other than that, we are just waiting for him to tell us he’s ready to enjoy his fun and colorful new space.


I remember so well when my mom would read to me at night, and I can’t wait to make those same memories with my son.  He will be here before we know it!

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

Hi, y’all! Wanna learn a fun and easy twist on breakfast pancakes? Something perfect to make these back-to-school mornings a little different and fun?

Friends, I give you:


Pull together pancake batter (I go simple on this and buy the Shake ‘n Pour kind), creamy peanut butter (not sure how crunchy would do here) and jelly (I like red raspberry, but grape or strawberry would be yummy too!)


After adding water and giving your pancake mix a sufficient shake, add one good-sized dollop of peanut butter to the mix. No exact formula here – add or subtract depending on how peanut-buttery you want your pancakes to be. (And surprisingly, auto-correct had no problem with me writing “peanut buttery”. Awesome!)


Now make your pancakes like you normally would. I usually add enough water for my mix to be on the thin side, but that’s just because I like a lot of flat pancakes. You can make yours however you like. (‘Cause I’m friendly like that.)

See the peanut butter lumps? That’s okay, it’s not going to blend in perfectly unless you warm it before you add it to the mix (which is totally an option!).


And as they are made, just stack them up. (Don’t worry, I’ve never tried to tackle a stack of pancakes this size all by myself. Though pancakes do sound really good right now…)


Now, while the pancakes look good there, they look GREAT when you add a dollop of jelly on top instead of syrup. (I’ve gotten away with saying “dollop” twice in this post! Excellent!)


And there you have them! Peanut butter and jelly pancakes! And they didn’t even take much more time than making regular pancakes.



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