Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

Hi, y’all! Wanna learn a fun and easy twist on breakfast pancakes? Something perfect to make these back-to-school mornings a little different and fun?

Friends, I give you:


Pull together pancake batter (I go simple on this and buy the Shake ‘n Pour kind), creamy peanut butter (not sure how crunchy would do here) and jelly (I like red raspberry, but grape or strawberry would be yummy too!)


After adding water and giving your pancake mix a sufficient shake, add one good-sized dollop of peanut butter to the mix. No exact formula here – add or subtract depending on how peanut-buttery you want your pancakes to be. (And surprisingly, auto-correct had no problem with me writing “peanut buttery”. Awesome!)


Now make your pancakes like you normally would. I usually add enough water for my mix to be on the thin side, but that’s just because I like a lot of flat pancakes. You can make yours however you like. (‘Cause I’m friendly like that.)

See the peanut butter lumps? That’s okay, it’s not going to blend in perfectly unless you warm it before you add it to the mix (which is totally an option!).


And as they are made, just stack them up. (Don’t worry, I’ve never tried to tackle a stack of pancakes this size all by myself. Though pancakes do sound really good right now…)


Now, while the pancakes look good there, they look GREAT when you add a dollop of jelly on top instead of syrup. (I’ve gotten away with saying “dollop” twice in this post! Excellent!)


And there you have them! Peanut butter and jelly pancakes! And they didn’t even take much more time than making regular pancakes.



Post by Raechel :

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    FANTASTIC!!!! I’ll be making these PRONTO!!!!