Simple Fabric Swatch Hoops Decor


I realized I never shared pictures of the final hanging of the hoops. I love them. I was originally inspired the first time I visited Purl Patchwork and saw their swatch portraits. Only theirs are Liberty prints – and seeing as my Liberty collection is still pretty small (extremely small, like maybe one really small hoop's worth), and that Liberty prints are around $30 a yard, I never did anything about it. Until I saw Amanda's wonderful use of Vintage Sheets for such a purpose! Brilliant!

(The one on the bottom left was my Grandma's. It's my sentimental favorite. I still have a flat sheet to use as a quilt back some day . . .)


Here's a brief tutorial how I framed mine. I found all the hoops at thrift shops for really cheap. Most of the sheets in a likewise manner.  Use the hoop to frame the sheet portion you would like to focus on. Tighten that screw-thingy. Trim off the excess leaving about an inch of fabric all the way around. Carefully apply hot glue a couple inches at a time and then gently pull the fabric taught over the glue.


This should create a nice, tightly framed swatch.


I've hung mine over my cutting table where I can admire them. And here is a rare glimpse of my work space. (Notice the photo is strategically cropped to hide some serious piles of works-in-progress.) My goal this year is to have my whole sewing space aesthetically pleasing enough to be photographed.

Post by Amy Smart :

  • Lisa

    I love this! I may need to try this when I redecorate my daughter’s room!

  • contemporary furniture

    These are quite lovely to decorate one’s home. I like the aesthetic expressions derived from it. A personal touch is very entertaining to the senses.

  • Diana

    I am going to find some old style 50’s camping fabric and make them for our camper awning!