Baby Onesie Refashion

Take plain onesies and turn them into a baby fashion statement.
Babies need a little refashion sometimes too. These onesies were originally embroidered with a little "baby saying"… cute but I thought the colors were a little too girly for my Clyde. He never wore them, I refashioned and re-gifted! I just used some fabric scraps and some imagination.
I made two; here is how I made the first one:
I started by embroidering the letter "f" on my fabric, I just penciled it freehand right on the fabric.
Next step is to iron interfacing to the back of the fabric. I went for the raw edge look and this way the fabric won't fray as much. 
Next, line the fabric up to the onesie and  mark with a pencil where you will cut. 
Sew around the new fabric that you are attaching. 
Onesie refashion number 2…
Add interfacing to the back of the fabric again and cut out some pieces of the pattern.
Pin the pieces on the onesie so you cover the old design.
And sew. I again went for a messy sewn look. If you like a neater look you could do a tight zig-zag stitch around the perimeter of the fabric. 
I added my fabric label…
and wrapped them up in a cute little package. Add some clips and you have a perfect baby gift.
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Post by Taylor Urban :

  • Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

    Such a wonderfully simple idea, but so effective! I really dislike onesies with sayings on them so you’ve just given me a great way of adapting the ones I’ve been given – thank you!