fabric + frames = friends


Yesterday I shared a brief (and somewhat darkish) video on my Facebook Page of the kids room as it stands right now. I was cleaning their room Monday morning and as I shifted furniture around I was struck with the impulse to pull a quick rearrange before Ryan got home for lunch.

Oliver and Hazel loved getting to ride across the room on Oliver’s bed and, like most kids would be, were giddy to run around their room and it’s new spaces.

Anyway, all that time spent in their room reminded me that there was something in there that I’d been meaning to show y’all. Just a simple necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention idea that I thought might be nice to pass along.

I’ve been working over the past year or so to collect cool prints and frame favorite pictures for in their bedroom. Just a collection of things about them that make me glad. I wanted it to feel eclectic and sort of pulled together over time (which it was), and not have the uniform feeling that our stairway wall has.

So, There are lots of colors and different wood shades and various yard sale finds all nailed up on the wall.

And since I wanted large frames (but didn’t want them to be filled to the edges with photos),      I needed mats. But white mats would feel too uniform (and would also cost money!).               (Yes, this is all my crazy thought process…) I wanted color and texture and before I knew it,      I was digging through the baskets in my sewing room to find it.

Fabric! Why had I not thought of this before!

I started pulling out colors and patterns I loved – some of which were already repeated in other places in the room. And I was suddenly very pleased.

I even managed to take Oliver’s letters (which once sat on a shelf above his crib when he was a baby) and tack them into a yellow-painted shadow box with a favorite fabric as the background. So much more interesting that a solid color!


And one frame was just the wrong size for the photo I wanted to put in it, so a little (now out of print) Cathedral in Dusk did the trick perfectly. (Secret: since I loved that fabric so much and didn’t want to part with 11″x14″ of it, I just cut two strips to fill the gaps down the sides. Don’t tell the framing police!)


And that is my little solution to framing photos and adding color and interest.

See, I told you I could give you a fabric project that didn’t involve sewing! 

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