Halloween Goody Bags

Post by Christina Williams of justcallmechris.blogspot.com
Halloween Goody Bags

If you’re anything like us, some of your best buddies live waaay across town. Chances are pretty good that most of Hudson’s friends won’t be knocking on our door on Halloween night. So we’re taking the fun to them.

Hudson picked out all the tricks: colorful fangs, spider rings, spooky tattoos, and erasers. And what good is a trick without a few treats? If you want to make goody bags of your own, go here to download the bag toppers.

Next fill up some cellophane bags (mine are 5 x 11.5″) with all your favorite stuff. Cut off the excess cellophane from the top of the bag and staple the topper on each side.

Happy Haunting!

Post by Christina Williams of  justcallmechris.blogspot.com