Scared Silly Halloween Snack Mix

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Scared Silly Halloween Snack Mix

With Halloween days away, I just finished making another batch of our Scared Silly Halloween Snack Mix. I find this treat not only frightfully delicious but a great last-minute hostess, teacher or neighbor gift as well. Simply combine your favorite seasonal treats (My favorites are listed below) in a large bowl, pour into glass jars (or cellophane bags), label and deliver.

To make it even easier, download our free Scared Silly Snack Mix label.

Cheese-it crackers
Chocolate or yogurt-dipped pretzels
White chocolate chips
Pretzel sticks
Candy Corn
Candy pumpkins
Candied orange slices (I found sugar-coated Halloween gummy bats at our local health food store.)
Reese’s pieces
Whoppers (I used a specialty orange-colored pumpkin variety.)

Post by Aimee and Bettijo of

  • spyware terminator

    A good set)))) I very well celebrated Halloween … Candy will have to buy for Christmas))))