Scrunched Scarves


This scarf is so fun, quick and economical, I just had to pass the idea on to you. Plus, this is a handmade gift you can give to all the Supermoms you know.

So I was shopping a few weeks ago and came across several really cool scrunched scarves.       In my very Aimee-esque way, I refused to buy them. (I would love to allow myself to buy something I am capable of making, yet for some reason I always deny myself that privilege.)      So on the way home I stopped by the fabric store to buy supplies to make some “special recipients” a handmade, scrunched scarf! Of course, I had never used elastic thread before, so I read up a little and went at it. So simple. You can do this even if you think you don’t sew!


You will need:
:: Light-weight fabric (I used knit so I could leave the edges raw)
:: Elastic thread
:: All-purpose thread (that coordinates with your fabric)
:: Yard stick
:: Tailor chalk
:: Hand sewing needle

1 :: Cut your fabric to your preferred length and width. I decided to layer three strips for added fluff, so my pieces were 8”, 6” and 4” wide. Each piece was 72” long.


2 :: Layer your pieces and pin in place. Using your yard stick and tailor chalk, mark your stitching line. I decided to stitch about 1” inside the edges of the 4” wide top piece.


3 :: Loosely wind your bobbin with the elastic thread by hand. Be sure not to stretch the elastic as you’re winding. Use your coordinating all-purpose thread on top and your elastic thread in the bobbin. Set your machine to a long straight stitch.


4 :: Remembering not to back stitch, sew along your chalk line. Repeat with the other chalk line.


5 :: After stitching, use a hand sewing needle to pull the top thread through to the bottom (elastic side) and hand knot with the elastic to prevent unraveling. Trim the thread.


6 :: Fluff and gift!


As with every handmade gift, you can adapt these instructions to fit your needs. Shorten the length to make for a young girl; use several colors and patterns of fabric to add some texture; try this technique on an inexpensive store-bought scarf. Either way, if you make a scarf, let us know!

Post by Aimee and Bettijo :

The 13 Toys from the Nod Catalog that Made the Connor Approval

Connor_1By Connor K., Age 10



1. Drum Set

Why? Because who wouldn’t want a drum set to bang on and annoy your parents to the edge.


2. Mustache Set

Why? Because I’ve had them before and they are some of the best mustaches I’ve   ever had. {But remember they get itchy after a while.}


3. Chess Set

Why? Because who doesn’t enjoy a game of chess, and if you don’t know how to play its never too late to learn, and if your too lazy to even do that, get off your bum and do something.


4. Hamburger Nod Chair

Why? Because did you hear the name? Hamburger Chair. And who on earth {beside vegetarians} wouldn’t want a hamburger chair, and it’s the best selling chair this season.


5. Acoustic Guitar

Why? Because wouldn’t like to have a friend over and tell him that you can play the guitar. But the next thing is a little cooler than this…


6. Electric Guitar

Why? Because then you can really rub it in your friend’s face that you are a rock star, and you can show off to impress the girls.


7. Bowling

Why? Because if your family doesn’t always have the time like my family to go to Pinstripes then you need the bowling set. It’s safer then using a ten pound ball and easy to play, but don’t play around breakable objects, I learned that the hard way.



8. Basketball Hoop

Why? Because I have it and it brings fun ,enjoyment and being able to dunk all in one thing. When you dunk try to make yourself as Michael Jordan then pretend that there’s a crowd that will cheer you up when you get a C on your math test.


9. Foosball

Why? Because who isn’t a fan of the game, I mean who doesn’t like fake plastic guys in shorts attached to a sticks kicking around a plastic ball? Okay never mind that last comment. Now, as I was saying, if you’ve never played a good old fashion foosball game you should be arrested, I mean it’s like never eating a hotdog for crying out loud!!!


10. Air Hockey

Why? Because it’s air hockey. Everyone likes it. It’s like the miniature version of hockey and I bet $100 that if you ask anyone if they want an Air Hockey table, they will say yes and even I would want one if I didn’t already have one.


11. Three-In-One Table

Why? Because it combines three of my favorite things on this foosball, ping-pong, and air hockey and it’s all of those in one table so you can have three of the best things whereever you go.


12. Balance Board

Why? Because it’s like surfing but inside and you also at the same time have to get a marble through the maze inside. It mixes strategy with balance and are you up to the test to conquer the balance board?


13. Blue Ginormous Beanbag with the name Connor on it

Why? Because it has my name on it and it’s a bean bag.

I’m Dreaming of a Red & White Christmas

Post by Anna Passadori, Nod’s resident trend expert
Red & White Christmas Decorations

There’s something about red and white Holiday décor that is so classic and clean!  I also love to mix in materials such as wood, wool felt, galvanized metal and linen for a natural and contemporary feel.

1         In My Day, Stockings Only Came in Red, as shown $25

2         You Name It Ornaments, $14.95

3         Double Decker Bus, $14.95

4         All Shapes and Sizes Countdown Calendar, $35

5         Red One-Seater, as shown $55

6         Up On The Tree Top, $39

7         Candy Dot Pail, $9.95

8         Out of the Woods Ornaments, $4.95

By Anna Passadori . Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

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