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I have been a big fan of the Land of Nod company for years.  I love their style and their products. For me they evoke classic childhood. So when I was asked if we'd like to play with some of their fun toys, we jumped at the chance.


I thought it fitting that we were able to get up close and personal with this adorable Sewing Kit.  That cute little orange suitcase had me at Hello.


Inside are all the pieces to create 3 cute little felt animals, a drawstring bag and and felt notebook cover, plus reusable notions, floss, etc.  I loved that everything was pre-cut and ready to sew – especially for my short attention-span kids. :)


We also got to play with the Going Loopy Loom, which was another hit. I love to get my kids involved in hands-on creative projects but they don't always take the bait.

(Mainly because it has to be their idea, not mine.) This time these cute and colorful packages of goodies were instantly attractive to them and they dove right in. I love it! Both items would make adorable gifts and jump-start a whole new crafty generation. You can check out other great gifts in the Gift Guide.

Post by Amy Smart :

  • Lissa (Bellenza)

    These are great gift ideas! Am a big believer in hands-on projects/toys for kids.