Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving Banner

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Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving BannerMy girls are both still a bit too young to handle this project on their own, but if your kids are older they might be able to make this ‘color me thankful’, Thanksgiving banner with little or no help from you.

Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving Banner - 2My girls love to color so after I printed out the banner template, I put them to work coloring. (A little Supermom Secret to making sure your little helper’s coloring turns out in the general vicinity of what you were envisioning is to limit the available crayon colors.) Together we picked out a bunch of crayons in colors that we all agreed would be good for Thanksgiving, and from that group I told them to color each letter a different color.

Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving Banner - 3Then they colored the little pictures however they wanted. We ended up printing several of the picture pages because they both wanted to color more. When it was time to cutout I chose my favorite of each of the colored pictures to use in the actual banner. I was particularly proud of my three year old’s job on the turkey.

Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving Banner - 4I cut out all the pieces, then slit the corners and threaded onto two pieces of brown string. Tying fabric scraps between each of the flags really ups the cuteness factor. If your kids can tie knots there is no reason they can’t be involved with this part of the project as well.

Color Me Thankful, Thanksgiving Banner - 5We secured the banner to Aimee’s hutch with the cutest colored masking tape. Normally we would have tried to hide the tape, but we’re always looking for excuses to use this fun tape!

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  • julia

    i love this! its something preschoolers can do and enjoy