fan-tastic fans…

A while back I found these lovley white fans with soft teak handles at a Japanese store. I was immediately smitten and bought them with my sister's August wedding in mind.

I debated between keeping them pristinely white or decorating them…in the end I did a subtle leaf pattern with my sis's wedding colour, clover green. Then I added some baby pink blooms as it's her favorite hue.


Then I painted each bridesmaid's initials on the handle and added a small Martha Stewart ribbon accent. One of my favorite new craft products is a gloss medium that comes in a fine squeeze bottle, I gave the blooms a little sparkle with that.

Only one side was decorated incase we wanted some photos with blank fans.

Finally they were wrapped and ready for the shower…


Instead of a card I opted to use one of my beloved Amy Butler fabric tags. I hate to part with these, I hoarde them, they are my crafty addiction…but my little sis is worth it.

Wishing I had bought more fans to decorate with the kiddos, the possiblities are endless.        Get some, get creative, be…


Post by Kerry MacLeod :