For the Birds

Ornaments make great gifts for everyone – but what about our little feathered friends? Well, these bird seed ornaments have been all over Pinterest, so I thought we'd make some. We had the most fun and they turned out just beautifully!


You will need:

3-4 cups of birdseed

cookie cutters (or molds of some sort)



Boil 1 cup of water and dissolve gelatine in it.  I used a 4 c. glass measuring cup so I could just dump the birdseed in once it was all dissolved up.  Add the birdseed (we didn't quite have enough, so I added some All Bran – birds like fiber, right?)  Your mixture should be spoonable but not watery.  Since we only had cookie cutters, I taped them down to a piece of wax paper so (hopefully) the seed wouldn't ooze out the bottom.  Hot tip – next time, I will put the wax paper on a cookie sheet before we filled 'em up.  Whoops!


In case you wondered what my youngest does while we girls are having fun crafting . . . this is it.  Meet…Spatula Man!


Once your mixture is ready, fill your molds halfway up, then lay a piece of yarn tied in a loop for the hanger.  I heart this little 3-year-old hand holding a spoon – she's getting too big too fast!


All filled up and ready to set!  We set ours outside so they would set up faster (although it only got down to 40, so it wasn't exactly freezing out).


Look how pretty!  I hope the birds do come and enjoy them – this tree is right outside the window of our landing, so it is a great spot to sit and watch.

3imagefix_birdblog (2)

Ahhh, yes, these little guys fell off their hangers as soon as we tried to pick them up. Welcome to the Land of Impatient Crafters – oh well, now the chipmunks will get some, too!



Post by Cameron : Homemade by Cameron

  • Cameron

    This looks great! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your guest!

  • lorie

    I love this! My bird friends will be happy!