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Land of Nod (a)

Hi, Taylor Made here with an exciting review…

The awesome people at The Land of Nod decided that for Christmas they were going to let me choose a toy to review with my kids then I get to give the same toy away. First of all…deciding on the toy was hard , it was like I was 10 again with a permanent marker and a toy catalog. Then I remembered I am a mom…oops. I wanted something that both of my boys could play with and I wanted a toy that would last a long time. One good thing about their toys is that they are high quality, and constructed well. My husband wanted the golf set or the race cars, both good options but I went with the ABC Puzzle. A classic.

Someone liked it…


What we love… the bright colors (from water based paints) and ease to find the right letter for each spot. It was also fun to spell out other words.

The exciting part- we all played for 45 minutes. This is not common is our house!

The box said the puzzle is for 3+ and my boys are 10 mos and  2yrs. I am the type of Mom that doesn't pay close attention to that as long as I have a close eye on them. Now, either my son is a prodigy (quite possible :) or this puzzle is appropriate for a 2 year old to actually use. He did this by himself (ps how creative is the" E" turned sideways for the "W"?)

Brother joined in too.
Thanks Land of Nod! Come stop by Taylor Made for DIY, crafts, and kids.
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    Great review, but it seems pretty silly that it was posted after the giveaway on the reader’s blog was already closed.