Say Hello, Wave Goodbye…

I designed these 'hello' and 'goodbye' cupcake flags to announce the redesign of my blog from Birthday Girl to Cake.  I also happen to think they'd make the perfect little topper for these occasions… 

{Hello} Welcome a new neighbor with a basket of homemade muffins or drop a cupcake at the doorstep of a friend in need of some good cheer. 

{Goodbye} Use the goodbye flags at a going away party, last day of camp… or even as a non-confrontational way to initiate a breakup! Not that I'm endorsing that last idea, but it never hurts to think outside the box. 😉

Here's the link to print them for your very own: Hello/Goodbye Flags by Cake.

Post by Becca :

  • Lauren H

    Could also be cute as “Hello” for a birthday party as in “Hello 5”! And then even “Goodbye 4”! Just another cute twist. Really like the flags. Clever.

  • Retro Jordans

    Love that sign…looks great decorated!! Happy a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy you family..