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I hope you all had a nice Holiday. Now that I'm nearly done clearing away all the debris and finding room for all the new stuff, it's time to think about writing thank you notes. I'll admit, that even though I design cards, I don't send nearly enough thank yous. I made these little postcards for my kids to send out. I love the idea of letting them help, and I think it's a great teaching opportunity.

My kindergartener is pretty good at writing brief sentences, and these offer plenty of space for him. I created girl and boy versions for you to use. The cards come in four colors…simply print them on letter sized card stock, cut in quarters, and help your kids fill in the blanks.

Then stick them in the mail and Ta-Da! Your little ones just learned a great lesson about showing gratitude.

Get your free postcards here:

Boy Postcard

Girl Postcard



Post by Christina Williams :

  • Trae

    These postcards are so cute! I’d love to use them, but when I tried to download them from Scribd, it says that the files are archived and I have to buy a pass or upload something to access them. Could you please un-archive them? I would appreciate it so much!

  • christina

    Sure! Sorry for the trouble…it’s been a while since I’ve made sure everything was still available.

  • Trae

    Christina, thank you! You’re so wonderful to provide these fun cards for free. You’re also helping me keep on track with my resolution to send out thank yous to everyone. Here’s to a happy and successful 2012!

  • christina

    Trae, Yay! So glad you like them.
    What a great resolution. Happy New Year!

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  • Dan

    i wish i could make a quick day trip to SLC from SF for this! i just ddecied to want to do more (or any) watercolor painting and this would be a perfect class for me!let us know if you ever come to SF!

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    Plus I always had a homeroom and all the paperwork that entails.

  • Shannon

    scribd is asking me to subscribe to download the postcard…any suggestions?