DIY Cup Sphere


Whattya need?

  • Small plastic cups
  • Hot glue gun


How do I make the spheres?

Step 1:  Glue cups to each other at the base. (Keep rims and bottoms level.)


Step 2:  Continue gluing cups to each other until sphere is complete.



Created by Dane Holweger

  • Joy Compton

    This is beautiful Where do you find the small colored cups? I volunter at the local nursing home and would love to do this.

  • Sharon

    You can find them on Amazon! :)

  • Sharon

    Here is an even better deal on the cups…

  • Joy Compton

    Thank you for the information

  • Terumi

    Are those muffin tins on the wall? So creative!

  • Katie @ Nod

    Yes those are muffin tins, check out this tutorial of how we made the muffin tin wall art here:

  • Lisa

    That is really pretty and fun! How many cups did you need to make the sphere? Did you use 2oz or 1oz cups? From what I can see online, it looks like the cups are sold by the case so size makes a big difference in the price point. Thanks!

  • Heather

    It would be very cool to add a string of battery operated led lights inside the ball. They emit very little heat, so it wouldn’t be an issue with melting the plastic or glue. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Michelle Brown

    I found the colored shot glass cups at the dollar store (24 of one color) – they had pink, green, orange, and blue

  • Flora

    Thanks for showing us how to do this. Very clever!

  • Helga

    Hi! How cool idea! Could you tell how many cups needed to make the whole ball? I’m from the UK and found these: Do you think they will be okay? Thanks, Helga

  • Patyi88

    How many glasses do I need? Great idea! 😀

  • Gail Heppner

    Do you sell the print pictured on the wall?

  • Nod

    Hi Gail, we sure do – you can find it here:

  • Donna

    How many glasses do u need x

  • Ashley – Embracing Homemaking

    My grandpa used to make these for Christmas. He would melt holes in each cup and put a string of Christmas lights inside. Quite lovely.