Headboard Wall Decals

The New Year brought a big girl bed for my daughter. It was a little bittersweet for me as it officially drained her room of the last remnants of her as a baby.  I looked long and hard for an antique wrought iron bed and just couldn’t find one I liked enough to spend the money on they were asking.  

And then…….I happened to be flipping through my Land of Nod catalog one day and came across these wall decal headboards.  They had some in the shape of antique wrought iron headboards to boot! And they had a red one!  Which for me, was perfect…..as Georgia’s room is turquoise and red.  And even better……..I could get one for $40 and it wouldn’t take up any room in my daughter’s relatively small space.

So…….if you find yourself in the market for a bed for your kids, don’t want to spend a lot of money, don’t want to take up a lot of space, and want something totally original–these decals are for you.  And, in the event that you get one I’m providing step by step directions for how to apply one to your wall.  The directions they come with are written a little cryptically and the writers of them tried to incorporate some humor into the directions which is really more confusing than clever.  So…….here’s to being straight-forward.

Step #1:  Put the bed in the room and figure out how high on the wall you want your decal to be.  Take into consideration pillows, and comforters and anything else that will cover up a portion of the headboard to ensure that you put it high enough so you still see a good chunk of it when the bed is made.  I just stuck the who decal on the wall (paper backing still on) and measured where I’d want it to hit.


Step #2:  You have to turn the decal upside down and rub the paper backing.  This transfers the decal to the sticky part of the backing, which will allow you to adhere it to the wall.                You have to put a lot of muscle into this step and both my husband and I took a turn at this to make sure it was really transferred.  I used the back of a wooden spatula.


Step #3:  Peel the paper backing off of the decal.  If you start peeling and you notice that part of the decal is not adhering to the clear plastic sticky part lay the paper part back over the part that needs help and rub a little more.  That should do the trick.  I highly recommend that you do this with two sets of hands.


Step #4:  Carefully place the sticky part up against the wall according to the measurements that you took prior to starting the whole process.  Again–four hands here is key! Then, start pressing and rubbing methodically.  You are working to transfer the actual decal to the wall now. I used the end of the spatula for this too.



Step #5:  Now the cool part.  Start peeling the plastic backing off of the wall to reveal the decal on the wall.  Do this slowly and carefully.  And…….if some of the decal sticks to the backing just put the backing back into place and rub a little more.


That’s it!  So simple and so fabulous!


And these head-boards come in a variety of looks and colors too!


Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses

  • http://www.olymomma.com Jess Winter

    Do you think that this would work well on a textured wall? I’ve had problems in the past and don’t know if it’s the wall or the cheap decals/stickers. Thanks! – Jess

  • Katie @ Nod

    Hi Jess,

    We would not recommend the headboard decals for textured wall since the decal won’t have enough surface to stick to properly on the wall.

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    Awwww these are so pretty and seem so easy to do! Thanks for the ideas 😉

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    Beautiful! These idea looks so chic and fun. Wouldn’t fail to make a girl’s room lovelier!

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    I really like your technique to lay the decal flat, I usually just use my hand but you the wooden spoon was a unique idea. Gonna have to try that next time! Very cute, I hope whoever it was for is enjoying it!