Melt my Heart Decorations


Valentine’s Day, in my opinion is the very best day for crafting. The color palette bursts with poppy reds, hot pinks, juicy oranges and purples…from grape candy to dark plum.

Then there is the heart, which in this project will symbolize the love of “getting crafty with it!” These waxy creations look stunning when the light shines through. They are so easy, you’ll fall in love!


Wax paper (12 x 16” sheets)



2 large paper bags


Pinking shears or scissors

Hole punch

Yarn or String

1.    Remove the paper from your crayons, and determine your colors.


2.    Sharpen a small handful of different colored crayons and distribute evenly on one side of the wax paper.


3.    Fold the wax paper over, creating a “sandwich.”

4.    Lay down a brown paper bag on your ironing surface. Then place the wax paper “sandwich” on top of it.

5.    Protect your iron by using the 2nd paper bag to cover everything.


6.    On medium heat, carefully iron in a circular motion, but not too long!

7.    Set the iron aside and slowly peel back the brown bag. Check to see if all the shavings have melted. Repeat to make several sheets.


8.    After the sheets have completely cooled, cut a heart shapes with your pinking shears or scissors.

9.    Punch a hole and string yarn through.

10.  Hang your beauties in the window!


By Cara Reche

When young, Cara had two imaginary friends. As their friendship grew, so did her imagination. Cara loves to “get crafty with it” and is the Associate Art Director at the Land of Nod.