Recycled Baby Blanket

Once upon a time,

I had a beautiful baby girl who adored her pink blankey.


Fast forward 7 years to a now small blanket for a growing girl.

Instead of putting it away, I decided to recycle it into something she would use:


Keep in mind I made this strictly with a little ♥ and not experience with a sewing machine ;)  Ha ha.


Here's how you can make your very own owl…maybe from your special piece of fabric, too.



  • Decide on how big your want your owl; measure.
  • Cut fabric based on measurements.
  • Use {newspaper} template of owl shape, {I simply freehanded mine.}
  • Cut out template on 2 pieces of fabric.
  • Place back-to-back and pink in place.
  • Add triangle "wings" {from her baby pillow that matched her crib set.}
  • Pin into place, ready to sew {pin INSIDE body, otherwise wings/feet will be inside out!}.
  • Sew all pieces together, leaving a small slit for stuffing.
  • Stuff, stuff, stuff until your owl is nice and plump!
  • Add eyes {mine is layered in freehand felt daisy's, a circle and buttons from my grandmother,} triangle nose and feet {added some poms for toenails} and stitch into place.
  • Give to your daughter to ♥ on.



 Post by Kelli and Kristi  :