Roald Dahl

I am a huge fan of anything Roald Dahl and was so excited to hear that Matilda the Musical has hit London.  Take a look at the below link for further information regarding its run and more images. Don’t the sets look amazing!?!

Here’s hoping it makes its way to the US!





Also, have you seen this virtual tour of Roald’s writing hut- where many of his classics where penned? Take a peek inside!





By Sarah Culbertson
Once upon a time a fashion plate from Seattle met a childrens retailer from Chicago, and it was love at first sight.  After spending a lot of time together at the mall, they both knew it was a perfect match. So Sarah packed up her fabulous Kate Spade suitcase and headed for the Windy City. Where they lived happily ever after, designing and developing textiles for little kiddos everywhere.



    Oh, I want to see it! Now if I could just get to London…