A Sprinkling of Love Throughout the Day


On Valentine's day I'll be spreading these hearts around the house – on pillows, in lunch bags, hidden in shoes and next to favorite toys. A sprinkling of love throughout the day!


And you can make some too…

You’ll need:


Embroidery floss

Fiberfill (stuffing)




Cut out a heart shape (if you plan on making a lot draw a simple pattern out of paper and pin it to the felt).

Using 1 strand of embroidery floss sew the heart with blanket stitch or running stitch. Remember to leave an opening big enough to stuff.

Stuff heart – be careful not to overfill.

Sew up the opening.

Repeat and place in all your kids’ favorite places for little eyes to find.

Post by Helen Bird : www.curlybirds.typepad.com