Children’s Book Pages as Photo Mats

The ‘bunny’ book = Goodnight Moon in our house.  And we read it over and over.  Georgia loves the ‘bowl of mush.’  She even told my mom the other day that we were going to have a bowl of mush for dinner–she loves saying that.  And then there’s this other book called All Kinds of Families that my sister gave Georgia when she was a baby.  It’s about grouping like objects into categories.  And we read that over and over too. And to prove it to you, below is a picture that I used in a post on Mom Colored Glasses back in November…and she’s reading the book!


I know that when Georgia is grown up I’ll always remember reading those books to her.         I’ll tuck them away in her memory box that I keep for her and pull them out and run my hands over those well loved, wrinkly pages that she accidentally stepped on or carried the book by or sat on or whatever else toddlers do in their squirminess.

I know that every family in America has “those” books in their house.  Books that remind them of snuggling up after a bath, or laying on the floor before nap time, or listening to your husband read to your daughter from the other room and falling in love with him even more.  But those books go away as your kids get older, and even when they’re not older.  A four year old might not love the same book that they loved when they were two….but the two year old book is still nostalgic for you.

So, with this month’s theme being history I thought this was a perfect way to memorialize a book that your children love for a long time to come.  Hang this in their rooms, in a back hall-way, a study area, a play room, or with the rest of your family pictures.

Here’s what you need:

1.  Your child’s favorite book (or two or three).  Pick out a page from the book that you can make work with a picture you already have of your child…..preferably from the age they were when they loved this book.  And I’m sure like all moms you have some of the most random pictures of your child doing things you look back on and think, “Why did I take a picture of them doing that?”  Well–because those pictures might just come in handy for this project.

2.  Color phot0 copy the page or pages you want to use.  Shrink them or blow them up depending on how large of a frame you’ll be using, how big your picture is, or any other variable you can think of.  Remember….you can also mount the page on another piece of paper to make it bigger if you think blowing up the original image will cause distortion.



Look how great the words are in this “All Kinds of Families” book….you could make countless photo mats with the pages from this book….there is one about grandma’s and grandpas, cousins, brothers and sisters….it’s awesome!


I matted (I just used double sided tape) a picture of Georgia about to fall asleep on some red paper and affixed it to the last page of Goodnight Moon.  I did have to mount my book pages to a piece of scrap-book paper to make sure they’d fit in the frames….I used 8×10 frames and my photo mats were just a tad under that size….stay tuned for a finished product!

3.  And then……put your finished photo’s in a frame.  It’s really that simple.  This project cost me $0.  I always have random pictures laying around that I’ve never gotten around to doing anything with, I have scads of un-used scrap-booking paper (I don’t even scrap-book), and I just used some frames that were due for an upgrade in the picture department.  This has become a mental addiction of mine.  Whenever we are reading a new book from the library or we’ve resurrected one from our own bookshelves I’m always thinking as we come across every page, “Oh….this page could work as a photo mat….I love what it says.”

This picture was taken when Georgia was one week old… fits perfectly on this page and now sits on her dresser.

Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses



    I absolutely LOVE this idea!! How sweet, and a nice appropriate change from a standard photo mat.