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Tammi Schneiderman

I would love an adult version. I have a great shear navy/white striped knit that I'd love to do this with and pair with a white tank. Thanks!


Me too! I love the pattern but I don't think it would work on my little boy! However, it would work in me. ;)

Danielle Kurtz

I LOVE this! I want a dozen for myself and my daughter! If only I could find the time to make them.


I'd love to try an adult top. I'm here from Craftgossip, looking forward to reading more of your blog!


I would love an adult version. Thanks!


would love an adult one


Absolutely love this. My daughter would probably make this her summer "uniform" also. AND I'm pretty sure that I have several knits in my fabric stash. Adult version please and thank you. :)

Kimberly Ragsdale

I would love an adult version! Would be the perfect spring/summer staple! Love this one...just don't have a daughter.

Jennifer Wingard

Oh, DEFINITELY want an adult version. A top like this could become a staple of my wardrobe.

A Facebook User

YES, please!!! An adult one would be lovely!!! :)


To echo everyone's sentiments - I absolutely would love to make an adult version. I am visiting from Craft Gossip also. Feel free to stop by TheStuffofSuccess and say hello. Thanks Athena


I too would love an adult tutorial!


Oh, this is so adorable.
I once had a shirt pretty similar to yours, and I just loved it. Till (its) death.... ;)
So I would really love an adult version!
And I want to thank you for sharing this Tutorial! I can't wait to make one for my little girl!


I love oversized, flowy tunics; making my own would be even better. Pleaseeeee an adult version!


I completely agree. This is my style. I an adult tut would be great. I can hardly wait. Now to put you and your blog on my daily reading list.


Oh yes please I really want an adult top like this. Love it. Great job


I would love an adult version of this! Such a cute top! Thanks for sharing!

Sally O

I would love the adult version - very cute!

Cheap Coach Handbags

I am an adult tut would be great. I can hardly wait. Now to put you and your blog on my daily reading list.


Please show us how to make an adult size of this top. I bought a top like this not too long ago and would like to know how to make my own.


Yes Please! Adult for sure!


Found you from Pinterest -- well done tutorial! I'd definitely wear this. There must be a breezy knit in my stash....


Please do! An adult version! For my grown-up daughter and for me!


I found this on Pinterest as well and would LOVE an adult version! Please and thank you! Such a great tutorial!!


the crowd is screaming "adult version!!!!!"

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