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Bianka Fuksman

Yes, I want to make the little and the big versions now! Thanks!


adult version for sure!

Weezy {Hearts}

If you have any time at all I really would love to see an adult sized tutorial for this shirt - it's just perfect for the warmer weather and you could really make it out of anything :)


Very cute! She's gonna stain it anyway, so give her some fabric paints and let her paint it!

Megan Rose

Oh please yes an adult tutorial! I'm quite firmly plus-size and finding cute forgiving tops for summer, when everything is clingy and gross, is such a challenge.

Ludy Darville

Yes. I want the adult tutorial too.

Allison @godansker.com

i am part of the crowd- adult version!


An adult version! Pretty please!

Nancy Schwartz Bemboom

This will make a great beach coverup for the little one!

Jennifer Spilly

Awesome tutorial! I would totally make one of these for myself and my daughter. Not matching, of course :)

Sarah peabodt

Yes please do an adult version tute!


Wow, such a nice shirt! I would love to get the adult version! Thanks for sharing it!


Oh yes. I would love to see an adult version


An adult version please!!


Just clicked over from pinterest. I saw a friend wear one of these and went straight home and made it. Definitely my absolute favorite top. :)
Btw...I think my brother and sister-in-law know you from Olivet! You all were a few years ahead of me. Small world! :)


I would definitely use an adult tutorial. I just bought a bunch of voile for super cheap just this morning - I'm hoping that 1-1.5 yards will be enough for an adult version, and that it'll work in voile, which is pretty drapey. But is the stretch necessary?


Yes yes yes, please make an adult sized pattern!!


Another hand up for adult version - although I'll be using this kids tutorial as well (3 daughters here). I found you via Pinterest. :)


This is such a simple and cute idea!


I've been looking all over the web for a tutorial for this kind of shirt, please share an adult version!


I have a similar "store bought" top in black that I bought last month. I have almost worn it out already! I'd love to make more of them for myself.


I would love an adult version too!


Yet another vote for an adult version! Found you via craftgawker.com. Your daughter is adorable :)


adult version please! :)


PLEASE put an adult version!! I want to make one so badly!

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