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I would love to see you do a tutorial for an adult version. Thanks for offering...I look forward to it. I would love to make some of these for me and my daughter.


Yes please adult version. Make one I will;-)


Yes please do an adult tut for this. I love it.


Yes, an adult tutorial, please! I saw one of these when I was out shopping the other day and thought how easy it would be to just make it myself. I'd love some help, though!

Gerrie Glaser

Would love to see the tute for an adult version. Even for my teenage granddaughters it would be fun! Thanks so much for sharing this. ~Gerrie~


Just so you know...I pinned this on Pinterest and I've never seen so many repins! Love this and I'm taking a chance at making an adult one from these instructions...wish me luck!



Mari Anne

I would really like to see what dimensions are for the adult size. I have a teen daughter she would just love this!!


I'd love to see an adult or teen version! (:


Add me to the 'adult version' song. It looks so good and being a bigger gal, this would look fun but also cover up the bits I don't want to show off! Thanks!


Wouldn't an adult version be exactly the same as this one except with adult measurements? This tutorial shows you how to custom size as it is.... wtf?


Please do a post about making a version of this: http://mobile.victoriassecret.com/mt/www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265724975917&c=Page&cid=1327029212842&pagename=vsdWrapper&un_jtt_v_subcoll=&un_jtt_v_img=2 I love it and I looks easy to make. I would just buy it but $40 for a swimsuit cover up is not in my budget! :)

Marloes Pieper

YEeeees, adult version pleeease! :) Love this one


I would love to see an adult style tee. The last time I tried to make one by comparing it to my favorite circle tee, I used the wrong fabric or something and it just came out looking too weird and didn't fit right. I'd love to see how to do it right!

Heidi Wilson

I thought this was for an adult until I saw the last pictures...So disappointed! How long do we have to wait for one we can wear :-)


Adult version please!!

Dazy Jo

For all of you asking for the adult tute- scroll back up to the text above the pic of her marker and ruler. It already says how to measure for your own dimensions. The sewing etc would be the same. There you go, adult version, ta dah.


Would love the adult tutorial! Or just a note on the changes you would make! Looks great, totLly want to try this! Thanks!

Angry rant

How about a version for 12-13 year olds? We seem to be neglected and forgotten in sizes, between kids clothes and adult clothes. How about our age? we exist!

Shannon In Love

is the 4 inch mark for adults too?


Yay I love this top and would love an adult version!!!


I am totally making one for my girls but would also love to make one for me! Excellent tute!


I just bought a top similar to this one, love it but the elastic around the waist is a bit much. Love the simplicity of this one without the empire waist :)

Karen Lange

Please, please, could you show us how to make the adult version?

Thank you very much!

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