Inspired By…Camp


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Sure, he’d rather be outside. But for when he has to stay indoors, use these rugged accessories to spruce up his room.

Clockwise from top left:
Coast by Marco Suarez $19.95
Bulletin Board Lamp $69.00
Just A Squirrel Trying To Hang A Coat $29.00
Strapping Shelf Basket $8.95
Sweatshirt Blanket $79.00 – $99.00
Storage is the Best Medicine $40.00
Plaid-Tastic Bedding $89.00


By Anna Passadori
Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)


  • Hannah @

    O summer camp! Can’t wait until Baby Lulu is old enough to go (except that will mean I miss her SO MUCH….)

  • New York Summer Program

    I must collect those things with me in the summer camp.These are really helpful.Thanks for the price list of those accessories.