Little Girl Table Runner


Back in December, we went to a birthday party for a friend of Finn's.

(does anyone else know a ton of people with December b-days like we do?)

Anyway, most of Finns friends are girls which is fun for me because on their birthdays I get an excuse to sew for a girl. And lets be honest, it is usually more fun to sew for girls.


I got her a cute little play cupcake set with a stand but I wanted to add a little something extra. So I made the easiest, most girly table runner ever. And some cloth napkins because every girls needs some :)


For the table runner I just serged a strip of blue paisley fabric and added a pink polka dot ruffle with a cupcake ribbon right down the middle. I had been saving the cupcake ribbon for the perfect thing and I think this was it.



Throw in the cloth napkins…


…and its time to play. I might go over her house and play tea party because as we speak one of my sons is running over the other one in his motorized car and they both think it's funny

… not quite the same as a girly tea party.



Post by Taylor Urban :


  • Pa Ul

    Wow, you have a very nice designs here for a table runner. Are you selling this?