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My name is Amy Smart and I write about my sewing and quilting adventures at Diary of a Quilter. I have to admit, I like projects that are quick and easy. Some might say I'm lazy.            I thought I'd share my super-simple and very quick method for putting together a cute pennant banner for anyone else out there like me.
I like to use two fabric triangles per pennant, just to give some more body to the pennants and help them hang nicely.  (I die cut my pennants using my Accuquilt Go Cutter, but you could cut them with a rotary cutter as well.) To sew them together I just match the triangles wrong sides together and sew a 1/4 inch seam along the two-hanging sides, leaving the edges raw.  After sewing, I starch and press the pennants.

I then use Wrights Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape (available at any sewing store, Walmart, etc.) to string the pennants together.  I tried pinning once, but it was more of a pain then a help.  I've found it much easier to tuck the top (unsewn) edge of the pennants inside the fold of the Bias Tape and sew across the bottom edge of the tape, sewing the pennant in the process. As I get about an inch and a half away from the end of the pennant, I insert the next pennant, overlapping about an inch and continue sewing the tape shut across the top of the triangle.

Thats it. Easy, peasy. No pinning, no turning triangles right-sides out.  It's not the most Martha way to assemble pennants, but it goes together quickly. I like to let the fabric do the hard part of making it look cute.  
All of these pennants were cut from vintage linens (sheets) found at local thrift stores. (After they had a VERY good wash.) I love their cheerful prints and colors. I also made a baby quilt from vintage linens and now I want to make a big one for myself!
If you're interested in other sewing tutorials, I've got a bunch. Please stop by and say Hello!

Post by Amy Smart :

  • Tania

    I need a sewing machine. Otherwise, I need to stop reading blogs! LOL

    Beautiful and easy idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • amy smart

    Thanks, Tania!

  • Heather

    I LOVE this! So simple! I think this will look great in an infant photo shoot. :)