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Thanks for posting! Where can I find the dollhouse furniture used in this project? It's adorable!


The dollhouse furniture looks a lot like the darling stuff from Plan Toys. Great quality, if it is.


Gorgeous! I love the simplicity.

Carol Barros

Love it!! Had to share on my brazilian baby blog


Thank you! My wee girl is only 18mths, but girly as a girly thing (all with a mum with a bit of a tomboy background). She loves shoes, baby dolls, and soft fabric. I can see dolls houses coming.


Excelent piece of advice. Thx! 10X!

Modular showers

This is a great idea. Im sure my daughters will love drawing on the wall.


This is what I have been looking for!

Tasha T

I have so many IKEA shelves like this! This is a very creative, wonderful idea. Extremely clever, love it!


This is too cute and is a fabulous idea. I just "stumbled" upon this blog. There are so many great ideas here. Thanks for sharing! :)

Ruth Adams

Just for girls? Surely not....


It's wonderful!!!!!!
Great idea!

los angeles furniture stores

I love this dollhouse cabinet idea. We can use an old cabinet piece and remodel it to the likeness. I love the charm of this DIY project.

furniture design australia

Awesome bookcase dollhouse. My daughter would love these doll furniture for sure. The mind behind this great idea is very creative and resourceful. Cheers!


In case you are looking for the best dollhouse gift accessories, there are numerous items such as appliances, dining room, bathroom, fireplace accessories, and hand made furniture, kitchen, office, nursery, patio, outdoor furniture and many other things that give a complete look to your dollhouse.


My little sister is going to love this.

Madre Primeriza

Great idea!!! I gonna share it (and make it in a few months for my daughter)!!! Thank you so much!


It's a fantastic idea!!! my daughter will love it ♥ ♥
I'll share it on my blog.

mov player

I loved that carpet idea! My daughter wants to steal it for her Barbie house :) Thanks a lot!


Really nice. I guess if I'd have a discount furniture los angeles shop, I'll be having this DIY dollhouse for the little ones.

Sarah Dugo

So cute! Posted on my FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/collegesavingsdolls.com
Hope you get more followers-


I played with my bookshelf in my room more than my actual dollhouse as a little girl. LOVE the idea of prettying it up like this!!! Filing this one in my "playroom inspiration" folder. :)

doro von Hand zu Hand

i really love this!!

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

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