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Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Brilliantly simple, and these look great! Thanks for sharing! I bet they'd look great with different coloured string too!


neet idea looks really nice

Personal Injury Attorneys

This is too cute!


I wonder what would happen if we added food coloring in with the glue...


I tried this and mine didn't work. It stuck to the ballon. What did I do wrong?


I've done these balls twice with food coloring in the glue. They look fantastic. They do get a little messy with food coloring. If the balloons stick, I would spray a thin layer of cooking oil spray on the balloon first. Make sure you let the glue thoroughly
dry before popping the balloon.


I found it works well if you use a plastic water bottle instead of a mason jar, it's easy to move it around the balloon and makes it easy to get different angles because it's so light. Also instead of hanging it from the ceiling, hanging it on a hanger on the shower curtain rod makes for easier cleanup. Very fun though!


Wow, you did a great job with these. I have been wanting to try to do something like this for a long time and just haven't have the chance. Great post


I tried this awhile ago but I failed. The strings were not that dry yet and the frame of the string collapsed. It was a failure.

Funny Images

Wow really nice hanging string ball, it looks awesome and creative. If we out one lamp inside it than it will becomes a nice decorative item for home.


very good Idea.

Donne Udine

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!


You can put vasoline on the balloons so the string doesn't stick

Cute Beltz



This is really cute idea, been looking at something similar in the shops but think I'll have a go at making my own, thanks.


Wow great idea. I like balls especially handmade balls ;)


These are also great easy easter egg projects for kids if you use different colours of yarn or string.


You could easily make this into amazing little bird cages to hang around your room!

Dorria designs

brilliant1! Thanks for sharing but it will be more delightful if we make it with colorful strings .... Thank you

VinPro Elegance

Cute and easy project for kids!Thanks for sharing.


A gr8 fun filled DIY project for kids. They'll enjoy making these hanging balls for their room. One thing i wanted to to ask is what kind of colors we can add to that glue solution to make different colored balls.


that's nice. i can learn it to my little son. thank you.

Afternoon Social

What a cute idea! I love how the grouping of them look together in the first photo.


Love this! I think the hardest part of the whole project will be waiting for the glue to dry completely. :)


My mom was my teacher in a one room school 45 years ago and she taught us how to make these. However, I think we used liquid starch rather than glue. I imagine that would be slightly easier clean up for children. Thanks for the memory.

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