Alphabet Soup – the non-edible version


We’ve all done it while eating our alphabet soup…spelled out words, names and even the try to put together the ABC’s. Part of the fun, while eating the soup, is to pick out the letters and see what you can spell.  Well, we took that concept and translated it into wall art. 

Our Alphabet Soup wall art program is stunning in person as the large letter is made up of the entire alphabet.  Even better, you can personalize the wall art with your name in three different colors – Pink, Green and Blue.   You can also choose a white or black frame to really finish off the stretched wall art.  The placement of the personalized name is strategically placed on the letter to make the entire piece a real stand out.

Make sure to check out the preview feature on our website to see how your name will look on the wall art.  It’s much easier than opening a can of alphabet soup and finding your name.

Here are some fun facts about soup.

  • January is national soup month! 
  • On average, American consumers stock six cans of Campbell’s soup in their pantries at all times.  I have six in my pantry…how’d they know?
  • Andy Warhol liked tomato soup so much that he ate it every day for 20 years
  • Frank Sinatra always asked for chicken and rice soup to be available to him in his dressing rooms before he went on stage.
  • Women seem to be more than twice as likely to eat soup as men.
  • Why did thin soups become popular in Europe during the 17th century? The spoon was invented. I can’t image trying to eat soup without a spoon!


By Lia Mensinga

When Lia’s not out hunting for the latest and greatest décor items for Nod, she can be found painting, and re-painting, and re-painting her finger nails. Her current obsession is an ombré technique and water marbling. She’s also recently started a collection of all things robots, including a costume she made herself.