Easter Terrarium


Now that it’s Spring, I’m incredibly eager to be surrounded by plants and flowers at home, both indoors and out. It’s still a bit cold for an outdoor garden, so instead I’ve been incorporating potted plants around the house and patio.

While looking at Easter decorations at the craft store last week, I realized that I could combine my plant obsession with Easter decorating. Hence, the idea for an Easter-themed terrarium was born.

I started out by assembling my supplies.


For the terrarium, I purchased a large, round glass vase along with some river rocks and an assortment of small plants, including a couple of succulents which seem to do well in terrariums.


I also purchased a few Easter decorations, including a birdhouse, bird, rabbit and an Easter egg ‘tree.’ 


To create the terrarium, I filled the glass container with river rocks until it was a little less than 1/4th full. I placed the succulents in the vase first, followed by the remaining plants. 


Once all the plants were arranged in the container, I added the birdhouse and then filled the container with more rocks until the plants were properly covered.


Now for the fun part: adding the Easter decorations. This is where eager little hands can help out. My daughter saw me working on this project and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the bunny rabbit, so I let her add the finishing touches.


I’m pretty happy with our first Easter terrarium, mostly because I love watching my daughter play with it every morning at breakfast — something I didn’t expect when I started this project. I think it just might become an annual tradition.


Post by Julee : Warm Hot Chocolate

  • http://www.colorfool.net Angela

    This is so fun. My little guy would love it. Thanks!

  • nicky

    This is really lovely! I am trying it out today…my last terrarium didn’t go so well…but try again I will!

  • Janice Cooper

    Gonna Try This !! Great Work =====Lots of Fun For All !!

  • http://sweetpepperrose.blogspot.com JoAnn

    I love this idea! – Question, did you have to add any water at all for those plants?

  • http://www.warmhotchocolate.com Julee

    Hi JoAnn,
    I didn’t initially put any water in the container, but the plants started to look a little dry within a couple of days so I started adding a little bit of water every few days.

    Unfortunately for the plants, my daughter played with the terrarium quite a bit – some days new toys would appear, like dinosaurs and Hello Kitties. In the end, the plants didn’t survive all of the playing and the container has become more of a rock garden than a terrarium.

    – Julee

  • Tal Slavinski

    Great idea I’ve made something familiar with my terrairum kit to my children,thank you for the great tips!