Girls Clothes

Say whaaaat? It's true, I made some girl clothes a few weeks ago.


Finn's friend had a birthday and I took it as an opportunity to make girl clothes :) Here is how the conversation went in my head. "Oh your daughter wants a certain toy and will be bored if she has to open clothes? Welp, I have two boys and would like to make a skirt." I think it's the perfect situation- I get my two funny, rowdy, crazy boys and I will make all of our girl friends dresses so I won't have to miss out on that. One thing I will gladly miss out on… the drama-filled, moody, teenage girl years.

I used Dana's Simple Skirt Pattern for the skirt. Her pattern is for 3-4T so I just subtracted 2 inches or so for a 2T. It was really easy and quick. 


For the top, I started with a plain off white t-shirt. Ironed fusible web to a scrap piece of the skirt. Cut out the letter "K" and ironed it in place. Then I hand embroidered around the edge of the letter. Lastly,  I added a little heart just to girl it up even more.



I added a taylormade tag.


And wrapped it up.


Taylor sign

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    Sewing clothes to give away as a gift is something very valuable but which I believe is not appreciated as much as it deserves. Rather than taking just half an hour to go to a shop and buy the toy or clothes for the kids, the person takes hours of their life to turn the pattern into actual clothing, with that personal tweak occasionally to give the gift a more personal touch. However, as you rightfully said, children do not think about all the hard work in sewing the clothes and would rather have the toy they want. What they do not know is that a person who gives them tailor-made clothing put much more time than the person who gave them a toy. I truly liked the style of the girl’s clothes you made. Well done, and thanks for sharing them in this article!

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