Vintage Handkerchief Bunting

No Sew Vintage Handkerchief Bunting

It started a few years ago in my local antique store. I was walking along when I came across a vintage carousel covered in pretty vintage handkerchiefs. Right there and obsession was born. I bought twenty that day, and too many to count since then. I can't drive past an antique or vintage store without stopping to take a peek at what's inside, and there are always at least a couple. Some might call this a problem *cough (my husband) cough* but I like to think of it as a hobby. The only problem? I have found I can't cut them up. I find all these great ways to use them, and they mostly involve a pair of scissors. I think to myself, "but what if I find the perfect use for it later, and then I don't have it!?" Issues, I know.

Tied Vintage Hankie Bunting

Then I found a fun a simple way to not only use them – but showcase them. Just fold in half and tie the ends together and hang. You have a beautiful bunting full of color and charm. A fun and easy way to add a little whimsy to any space. This was hung in my little girls room and she loved it. Now when I am tired of using them this way, I can just untie them and use for something else…phew :).


I did get the nerve to make a few into hair bows, they're super cute so it was worth it. Plus I didn't have to cut them, just glue :). If you're interested I have the tutorial for making vintage handkerchief bows here. Now, happy hankie hunting!


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