12 Things for Mom’s Car

I try to stay prepared no matter where I am or where I’m going. Since I spend a significant amount of time in my car, here are a few things I just can’t live without.

Nod Car Stuff

1. Notebook 2. pen 3. towel 4. lip balm 5. sunglasses  6. mints 7. umbrella 8. wallet 9. toys 10. scarf 11. reusable grocery bag 12. diaper kit

1. Notebook + Pen: a must for last minute thoughts on the road {obviously not while driving}. 

3. A towel: never know when you’ll be caught in a down pour or just in need to dry off and clean up.

4. Lip Balm: never leave home without it. I keep one in my purse, one in my car, one in my desk, one by the bed, one in the bathroom. You get it.

5. Sunglasses: duh. I even have a spare pair in the glove compartment.

6. Mints.

7. An umbrella. Preferably a a fashionable one. Never let the weather get in the way of looking chic.

8.  A wallet that holds my checkbook and deposit slips. For quick trips to the bank.

9. Toys to keep the kids entertained. Sophie is a fave.

10. A chic scarf. You never when you’ll be chilly, or when the kids will.

11. Reusable grocery bag{s}. I try to do my part to help the environment. These have tons of uses.

12. A diaper kit. Even though I usually have the diaper bag with me, I leave this emergency kit stocked with diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer in every car. I love that the changing pad is a part of it. And yes, I’ve changed the twins in the trunk!



Post by Niki: Papery & Cakery

  • http://Redrawlins.blogspot.com Molly

    I’ve been thinking I need to start keeping a jacket and blanket in the car…. It always seems to come out of nowhere, the need for these items in addition to the ones listed above. Great post!