Hand Painted Geo Blocks


During my nesting phase while pregnant with my little girl, I embarked on a number of creative projects. This easy, hand painted set of geo blocks is one of my favorites. While the process is simple, it takes a good amount of time to paint 16 blocks so be sure to have an audio book, podcast, or television show to help pass the time! I find the end-result to be worth it, and even though my baby girl isn't yet old enough to appreciate this toy, it has kept even my older children busy.

You will need:

16 1 1/2" blank blocks
Non-toxic paint (such as Apple Barrel brand) in five colors, including white
Non-toxic sealer
Five sponge brushes
Masking Tape

Step 1: Prime blocks with white paint. Let dry.  


Step 2: With masking tape, mask half of the block face at a diagonal. Do this with all blocks, and paint with color of your choice. Let dry and apply another coat.


Step 3: Remove the tape and mask another side of the block, then paint. Some sides can be a solid color. Three of my six sides are solid and three are triangles. 

Step 3


Step 4: Finally, apply two coats of sealer, allowing it to dry between coats.





Post by Jenn : Ambrosia Creative

  • Justine

    These are so wonderful! I adored my own set when I was a little girl