In My Own Home…

Being a product developer,  I am surrounded by beautiful products, creative ideas and mountains of color around every turn. Eventhough I don’t have any little ones running around the house I can’t help but bring some of my favorite Land of Nod products into my own home.

These are our grey breezy striped sheets– they are yarn dyed in Portugal and are amazingly soft! Paired with a white duvet and a few pops of red ( I can never go totally neutral!) they are the perfect thing to jump into after a long day!


I so enjoy working with Blanca Gomez, she is quite talented and a lovely person too! The below Monsieur III print has always been one of my favorite pieces from her. I was so excited to see it get added to our Nod Insitute of Art Shop. On top of my dresser I get to see it every morning as I pick the chosen baubles of the day.


This is a wall in my dining room- the print to the left is Everything is Ok by Lisa Congdon. I love collecting small pieces of art from some of my favorite artists and sprinkling them around the house.


Living in a small space means I am forever changing up the décor and accessories as new pieces get purchased. These handsome men are currently holding court in my window seal- not everything has to be framed! The Giraffe and Squirrel are by Berkley Illustrations. I love their work, plus they are from Portland, Oregon, my hometown! The Giraffe is also part of this season’s Nod Institute of Art, but get him soon- they are limited edition!


This little corner is filled with vintage finds, a few new modern pops and some items I’ve crafted myself- the mix is eclectic, but very me. The newest addition is the Moroccan inspired Leather Seats Come Standard Pouf. I love the bright pop of red and extra seating it brings into the space.


This is Milly my pup, she is partial to the pouf too! Luckily it is made of PVC so I can wipe down any dirty paws she decided to add.


I hope this little trip into my space has inspired you to look at products in a new way. One of the reasons I love working here is because our products are fun, quirky and kid friendly.          But they can also be sophisticated, stylish and used in a wide variety of spaces and places!

By Sarah Culbertson  

Once upon a time a fashion plate from Seattle met a childrens retailer from Chicago, and it was love at first sight.  After spending a lot of time together at the mall, they both knew it was a perfect match. So Sarah packed up her fabulous Kate Spade suitcase and headed for the Windy City. Where they lived happily ever after, designing and developing textiles for little kiddos everywhere.


  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Loved it! What a fun, inspiring place you have! I have often thought that there is a lot of great looking ‘kid’ decor and furnishings out there that would be more than fab used in an ‘grownup’ setting. Helps to keep things fun and fresh.

    Love your place!

  • Monster Beats By dr. dre

    Here is another fun Valentines idea. I picked up bouncy balls at the party store for about a quarter each. My store sold them in packs of 12, but they also had the balls available individually, which I thought was nice in case your kiddo’s class has, say, 26 students, you won’t be stuck buying a whole extra pack.

    I couldn’t decide whether I liked the “have a ball” or “make my heart bounce” saying better, so I decided to do them both. I was thinking the “have a ball” phrase might be a better Valentine for boys to handout in class since it’s not too mushy.

  • Steam Shower

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