The Perfect Hike


Make your next outdoor hike an adventure with one simple toy: a magnifying glass.

Last weekend our family took a weekend trip up to Pinetop, Arizona to get out of the hot Phoenix sun and to explore the great outdoors. We went on a hike (read: glorified walk on a paved pathway around a tiny lake). Before we left I picked up a few new toys. The clear winner of the trip: small orange magnifying glasses, used on our hike. The kids, ranging in age from 2 to 7 years, loved them. Let me repeat that: luh-ved them!

Superkids inspecting flowers…


Superkids inspecting a lizard…


Superkids inspecting as they walk…


The magnifying glasses were such a hit, here’s Liam two days later still inspecting everything—even at the resort playground!


Mark this purchase down as an official Supermom Moment!


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